Glow in the Dark Confetti Manicure with Tonic Polish Snow Glowbe and Sinful Colors Black on Black

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Tonic Polish Snow Glowbe, 3 coats
Sinful Colors Black on Black
1 coat of QDTC

It’s almost the end of April, school is going to be wrapping up soon and I’m not ready! Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime but at the same time I’m not a fan. Kids expect project after project and it’s freaking wearing on the soul.

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Shleee Polish Apophis compared to Tonic Polish Mirabilis

Polishes used:
Shleee Polish Apophis, 2 coats over black
Tonic Polish Mirabilis, 3 coats over black

Tonic Polish Mirabilis compared to Shleee Polish Apophis | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I can’t remember what group it was but someone asked for a comparison of these two polishes. Since I happened to have the both of them, I polished one hand with Apophis and one hand with Mirabilis. In this photo above, Apophis is the top hand, and Mirabilis the bottom. Continue reading

Arrow and Heart Nail Art manicure with Tonic Polish, Sally Hansen, L.A. Colors

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
Sally Hansen xCrayola InstaDri Shimmering Blush, 2 coats [press sample, previously swatched]
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Smartease, 3 coats [press sample, previously swatched]
L.A. Colors Mermaid Magic Pink Pearl, 2 coats
Tonic Polish Fleurescent, 3 coats [previously used]
1 coat of QDTC

heart and arrow manicure with tonic polish, sally hansen crayola instadri, sally hansen miracle gel, l.a. colors mermaid magic | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Oh my gosh, I’ve been sitting on this mani for almost 2 weeks and I’m so glad I finally get to show it to you! It’s one of my favorites that I’ve done for this Valentine’s Day series.
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Magnetic abstract manicure with L.A. Colors, KBShimmer, Tonic Polish, BPolished

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
BPolished Jellicle Queens [August 2018 Polish Pickup Pack]
KBShimmer Space-ial Edition
Tonic Polish Mirabilis
L.A. Colors Blankie, 2 coats

magnetic abstract manicure with kbshimmer, bpolished, l.a. colors, tonic polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This was my manicure a few weeks ago; I was inspired by this manicure from Sveta_Sanders on instagram. Of course, her manicure looks amazing, and mine looks, well, not as amazing. 😛
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