Baptism Nails and makeup of the day

Hi everyone! Kind of a late in the day post, I know. But I wanted to share with you my nails that I wore today for Henry’s baptism and my makeup. Life update at the end of this post!

Sinful Colors Stoned Crystal Shimmer Just Deserts, Femme Fatale Cosmetics Hourglass | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wanted something delicate since my outfit was kind of loud. LOL. I started with 3 coats of Sinful Colors Just Deserts from the Stoned Crystal Shimmer collection. It is slightly more pink in real life. (I’m really hoping to get swatches done of this collection this week, btw.) Then I added an iridescent glitter stud to the nails with Just Deserts on them.  Continue reading

The weekend I went crazy buying Sinful Colors nail polishes

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! So this past weekend I went on a nail polish hunt for the newest Sinful Colors collections: Spring Fever, Luck of the Stylish (St. Patrick’s Day), Kandee Johnson Sugar polishes, Kandee Johnson Vintage Matte polishes (the ones I was missing), Stoned Crystal Shimmer, and the Kandee Johnson Vintage Anime polishes. I also picked up some new (and old) core colors. I won’t have these on the blog this week (hopefully starting next week!) but I thought I’d share bottle shots of what I picked up! Continue reading

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson nail polish collection

Purchased by Me buttonHi all! Though most of my posts from here on out are scheduled post – because I don’t know when this baby is coming! – I had to show you this new nail polish collection from Sinful Colors and Kandee Johnson. From what I understand, there are 12 colors (so far) in this collection (read below for an update), I picked up this set of 7 and will bring you the rest after I find them! So let’s take a look at Whipped Frosting, Strawberry Milk, Pin Up Pink, Pink Velvet, Mint Chip, Candy Hearts, and Kanfetti.

Through the Sinfully Polished Nails fb group, this Popsugar article was linked which states: “Kandee teamed up with SinfulColors … to release a 24-piece collection. There are two lines, Pretty Vintage (featuring matte and “sugar” textures) and Vintage Anime. Everything launches this month for a limited time through April at drugstores like Walgreens and Walmart, for $2-$3 per bottle.” So right now there are at least 10 shades (that I know of) released, and we can expect 14 more. So you can expect me to blog about the polishes as I find them.

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson nail polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ll be showing each of these (except Candy Hearts) in their natural matte (or textured) state and also with top coat. Continue reading

Sinful Colors Gold N’ Roses, Peri-Twinkle, Decem-brrr, I Pine For You swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonHappy morning to you! It’s Friday and what could be better? How about swatches of Sinful Colors Gold N’ Roses, Peri-Twinkle, Decem-brrr, and I Pine For You?

Sinful Colors Gold N' Roses | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Sinful Colors Gold N' Roses macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Gold N’ Roses is a pink base shot through with silver glittery bits. (Not sure why it’s called Gold N’ Roses?) Formula was fairly thin and super sheer. This is 3 coats and no top coat.  Continue reading

Sinful Colors Nice Guise swatch + review + comparison to Nova and What’s Your Name

Purchased by Me buttonOh my gosh, Wednesday already. I’m so ready for this week to be over, to be honest. The weather hasn’t been the greatest and my older two kids are driving me nutty! Anyway, vacation will be over soon, thankfully. Today I have a comparison of Sinful Colors Nice Guise (2122) to Sinful Colors Nova (1137) and What’s Your Name (813).

Sinful Colors Nice Guise with matte top coat macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Sinful Colors Nice Guise macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nice Guise is a teal blue base with teal, blue, and gold glitters. This is 3 coats.  Continue reading