April Nouveau Geek indie nail polish box

Press Sample buttonGood morning everyone! I’m so excited to show you a new indie nail polish box called Nouveau Geek. Indie polish boxes are kind of all the rage now, there’s one for creme polish lovers, and holo sub boxes, and now there is a sub box for us geeky people! 😀

The first Nouveau Geek box is all about Super Mario. I don’t know about you but I have so many good memories of playing Super Mario when I was a teenager. Everything in this box is themed around Super Mario, including the polish names and the extras. Speaking of the extras….

Nouveau Geek extras | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Included in the box are a package of Super Mario 3D Gummies, a star mani bomb from Lemming Lacquer, 2 felt nail polish remover pads from le polish, a Koopa turtle, and a Super Mario brothers coin. Yeah, extras on point! Now are you ready for the polishes? Check them all out after the collage!

April Nouveau Geek indie nail polish sub box | Be Happy And Buy Polish

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