Face of the Day with Glamour Doll Eyes and LipSense

Purchased by Me buttonAfternoon everyone! I hope you are having a good Sunday. I thought I’d share with you my makeup of the day with Glamour Doll Eyes eyeshadows and LipSense Apple Cider. I am having a great Sunday because I went to try on pants that I haven’t worn since before the baby was a twinkle in my eye. Last time I wore them, they fit very snugly (like, cut off my breath when I sat down); this time I needed a belt to cinch them so they’d stay up. Yay for non-scale victories! 😀

FOTD with Glamour Doll Eyes Sherbert, Rose City, Forever Alone, LipSense Apple Cider | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Okay, enough yadda yadda yadda. Let’s take a closer look at my makeup for the day! Continue reading

LipSense Sheer Berry photos + review

Press Sample buttonHappy Sunday everyone! Today I have a different kind of review for you for LipSense, smudge-proof and wear-proof lipstick set. My friend Anne over at Betty’s Beauty Bombs, sent me LipSense in Sheer Berry and a Glossy Gloss in clear. Anne’s video of trying to rub off her LipSense cracked me up (hey, I’m easily amused!) and when she was looking for bloggers to try out LipSense and share with their readers, I jumped at the chance.

LipSense in Sheer Berry, Glossy Gloss | Be Happy And Buy Polish

First impressions of packaging: This may be a minor quibble, I realize. But the packaging feels kind of cheap. These are expensive lip products and I guess I expected a bit more…oomph?

LipSense Sheer Berry doefoot applicator | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I love doe-foot applicators, so this is a win for me! I was worried a bit about the “sticky” factor of the glossy step because I *loathe* lip glosses usually. As in, I avoid like the plague. But weirdly, this gloss isn’t sticky, just super shiny (my toddler was super distracted by my shiny lips!). Continue reading