September Lip Factory Review

Subscription Box was self-purchased.

Good morning everyone! I missed doing a review for the past few Lip Factory Inc. boxes, so I’m trying to get back into the swing of reviewing them. Warning: lots of pictures ahead!

Lip Factory Inc. is a monthly beauty (with a heavier emphasis on lips, obvy) subscription box. It is $22/month for U.S. subscribers (no additional charge for shipping), $26/month for Canada subscribers (includes $4 shipping charge), and $32/month for all other international subscribers (includes $10 shipping charge). As of September 2013, they are donating a percentage of each box sold to the Compassionate Hands and Hearts Breast Cancer Outreach.

September’s box was “Define Your Style of Beauty”. Here is the information card that was included in my box:

September Lip Factory info card

September Lip Factory info card

September Lip Factory info card

Also included was this note:

September Lip Factory bonus card

Yay for bonus things! Let’s start with ModelCo’s SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss, listed on ModelCo’s site for $16. I received the color “Strip Tease”. This has a nifty little mirror on the side of the gloss. It has a pleasant, sweet odor to it; and though it seems sticky when you pull the doe-foot applicator out, it isn’t sticky on the lips. It is a lovely nude-pink color.

Model Co Lip Gloss in Striptease

Model Co Lip Gloss in Striptease

Next up is Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Gloss, listed on Bombshell’s site for $14. I received the color “Nude Beach.” This has no odor. This is a slightly shimmery nude-tan color.

Bombshell Lip Gloss in Nude Beach

Bombshell Lip Gloss in Nude Beach

Here are both lip glosses side by side. ModelCo Striptease is the top, and Bombshell Nude Beach is the bottom lip gloss.
Bombshell Lip Gloss in Nude Beach, Model Co Lip Gloss in Striptease

Next up is Absolute Oil Blotting Tissues, listed on their site for $2.99. This is a package of 50 tissues; they are slightly scented, it says on the package “green tea scent.” I rarely have a problem with oiliness on my face, so I will probably be giving this to a friend.

Absolute Oil Blotting Tissue

Next is JCat Beauty The Big Eye Pencil, listed their site for $3.49. I received the color “charcoal.” Lip Factory also included a jumbo eye pencil sharpener, in case the subscriber didn’t have one. (Very cool!)

JCat The Big Eye Pencil

JCat The Big Eye Pencil

JCat The Big Eye Pencil

This seems a bit “oily” for lack of a better word, when it goes on, but I haven’t yet had a chance to use it for my eyes. When I do so, I’ll update this post.

Next we have LA Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes. I received 2 sample packets, each valued at $1. I also received a package of 24 wipes, valued at $9.99. These are specifically for your eyes and lips; it also has a slight lavender scent. When I next wear makeup (haha), I’ll compare this to my Sephora Eye Makeup Remover that I wear.

LA Fresh makeup wipes

LA Fresh makeup wipes

Lastly, we have Bombshell Cosmetics Eyeliner, listed on their site for $14. I received the color “amethyst.” This has a felt/marker type tip. What I received was actually dried out a bit (I had to press pretty hard to get a line), and Lip Factory noticed my comment on my instagram and sent me out a new one without me even having to email them. Just another example of their awesome customer service.

Bombshell Eyeliner in Amethyst

Bombshell Eyeliner in Amethyst

Isn’t this an amazing box? My box had a total value of $62.47! I absolutely love the companies that over the months Lip Factory Inc has introduced me to, and I’m super excited that Bombshell Cosmetics was in this month’s box. Plus: their customer service is beyond amazing – it’s like heavenly! The fact that they anticipate their customer’s needs is something that every company should take a cue from.

If you’d like to subscribe to Lip Factory, you can do so by clicking here. I would appreciate it if you’d use my referral number: 38343. Do you already subscribe? What do you think of the products I received? Let me know in the comments! Until tomorrow,




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May Lip Factory box

Service reviewed was purchased by me.

Lip Factory Inc. is a monthly subscription program, based in the U.S. but ships internationally. The main focus is lips but they also do other makeup items. It is $22/month, shipped, for U.S. subscribers.

This month’s Lip Factory box was the theme “Under the Veil”:


Here’s what the info card said for this month:

A shot of all the products included in this month’s box:

Let’s go through all the products! I’m going to start with the lip products first. Since both lip products were on the sheer side, I wanted to show you what my bare lips look like before I get to what the products looked like on my lips:


This is Studio277 Cosmetics Lip Gloss in “Almost Nude” ($9.50):


It’s a doe-foot applicator:

Here it is swiped across my lips:

Next up is NYX Round Gloss in “Sparkle” ($2.50-$3):


It is also a doe-foot applicator:

Here it is swiped over the “Almost Nude”. There is a shimmery sparkle to it that doesn’t pick up on camera. Plus, when it wears off, it leaves little sparkly pieces on your lips. Very nice to leave in your purse all the time.

Here are the two compared on my hand. Remember that I’m a pale redhead, so even nude glosses show up dark on my skin:

Next up is the NYX Color Lip Balm in Arigato ($3):

I wanted the picture a little out of focus to show the shimmer to it, it’s not just a flat color lip balm:

Next up is the Studio 277 Cosmetics Eyelight Pigment in Kryptonite (perhaps $12.50, couldn’t find an accurate price):



I love this so much, just the right touch of shimmer without being too “out there”. I used this with Glamour Doll Eyes in Katie’s Storm:



Next up is the Bombshell Cosmetics Blush in Glowing Goddess ($16):


As a redhead, I’m lucky that a lot of blushes look nice on me, but I do like how this one looks in particular. It gives a nice healthy flush to my cheeks.

The only things I didn’t use were the sample:

And the blender brush, which I actually don’t have a picture of.

All told, the total value for this month’s box is approximately $45.00, if the prices I found were accurate. I put a value of $1 on the sample and $1 value on the blender, but those aren’t probably correct. Still though, $45 worth of product for $22 is extremely great. I’ve also always received great service from them, and they are super responsive on their facebook and emails. If you are interested in signing up with Lip Factory Inc., I’d appreciate if you used my referral number when you do so. It is 38343.

Do you receive Lip Factory? What’s been your experience of them?


Update on April’s Lip Factory

I wanted to update on April’s Lip Factory box. In my last post, I said that I hated the liquid lipstick from sweetpea & fay that I was sent. I emailed Lip Factory and they sent me the other color they had put in the box!

I thought I’d show you the two side by side and let you see why I didn’t like the first one.




Swatched side-by-side on my hand. Mermaid Tears on the top, Willa on the bottom.



This is the mermaid kiss lipstick. Yeah, just slightly not my color. I feel like I have clown makeup on! In person, it’s even brighter.



And the Willa color. Much more my color. (Excuse the redness on my cheek!) With the flash, it is much brighter than it actually is.

I am so happy with Lip Factory and their customer service, and with the new color! Thanks, Lip Factory!


April Lip Factory box

Products reviewed were purchased by myself.

I’d like to share with you what I received in April’s Lip Factory Inc. box. Lip Factory Inc is a monthly makeup/lip product subscription box for $22. This is my second box from them and I cannot tell you how much I love the box and their customer service.

Everything I received. From left to right: two cosmetics magic wand duo eyeshadow,  29 Cosmetics mascara in divine brown, LiSi line & define eyeliner in overcast, LA Splash in Aqua Fusion, Sweetpea & Faye (in a pink color that I can’t remember the name of) , and Ofra lip gloss in Bordeaux.

Here’s the mani I created with LA Splash Aqua Fusion. Here’s my review of the nail polish.


This is the Ofra in Bordeaux. First off, I love the smell of the Ofra products. The smell is a little like berries, but not overpowering at all, just very pleasant.




Now for the eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara. The first two pictures are inside, the last one is outside with flash. I do love a good purple eyeshadow, and these are no different. The eyeliner is a purple-ish blue, and will be very good for precision eyelining. The mascara is great! It doesn’t clump and coats the lashes evenly. The mascara also comes off really nicely, not flaking off, and minimal rubbing with makeup remover.

You’ll notice that I don’t have a picture of the sweetpea & faye. That’s because it was so neon pink on me, it made me look like I belonged at a rave or something. Lip Factory was so great that when I contacted them, they would send me out the other color (purple) that was in the boxes.

I simply love Lip Factory. They are super responsive, and so cheerful, and the boxes so great, that in my opinion are well worth $22. If you’re interested in subbing, I’d appreciate it if you used my referral code, which is 38343. (Yes, I will get points. Points can be redeemed for $ off in their shop or a free box.) Have you received Lip Factory? What do you think of them?

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