Magnetic Multichrome Stripe Manicure with L.A. Colors, P.O.P Polish, Bee’s Knees Lacquer

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
P.O.P Polish Limeslickle, 3 coats. I should have let each coat dry more thoroughly between coats so it didn’t bubble as it did.
Bee’s Knees Lacquer Pop Pop!, 3 coats
L.A. Colors Sheer Veil
1 coat of glossy top coat

magnetic stripe manicure with P.O.P Polish Limeslickle, Bee's Knees Lacquer Pop Pop!, L.A. Colors Sheer Veil | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Okay don’t ask me how I did it, but somehow I made the magnetic polish look like apple seeds, so overall this mani has a very apple-y vibe. 😀
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