Glittery Skittlette Manicure with Glitter Gal Cosmetics + Esmaltes de Kelly

Hi everyone! Today I have a fun skittle manicure that I created with Glitter Gal Cosmetics Pink Sunnies, GGC She’ll Be Right, and Esmaltes de Kelly Hulk.

Esmaltes de Kelly Hulk, Glitter Gal Cosmetics Pink Sunnies | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Pink Sunnies is just a really lovely bright pink creme polish, I’ve used 3 thin coats here plus top coat. She’ll Be Right is a deep and vampy purple.

Esmaltes de Kelly Hulk macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Hulk is a dense deep green based glitter bomb with purple, green, blue, violet, and iridescent glitters. This is 3 coats here with a coat of Glitter Food and a coat of glossy top coat.

Esmaltes de Kelly Hulk macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Although I very much love Hulk, I was disappointed with how bumpy it was, even after a glitter smoother top coat and a quick dry top coat. But it sure is pretty! 😀

I’d love to know what colors you would’ve paired with Hulk, so let me know in the comments below. 🙂


Esmaltes de Kelly Hawkeye + BBC Weekly Roundup

Happy Sunday to you, my stupendous readers! Today I have for you a beautiful polish I purchased from, Esmaltes de Kelly Hawkeye.

Esmaltes da Kelly Hawkeye with matte top coat | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is a cream based nail polish with gold and bronze iridescent glitters. Because of the glitters, it does dry with just the slightest of textures but one coat of Glitter Food (as shown above) smoothed that right out.

Esmaltes da Kelly Hawkeye | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Esmaltes da Kelly Hawkeye macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used 2 coats plus one coat of Glitter Food, then one coat of top coat for the shiny pictures.

I’m not quite sure I like it, it pulls a little Grey Poupon mustardy on me. But what do you think? Let me know in the comments before clicking through to any of the wonderful ladies’ links in the Weekly Beauty Blog Coalition roundup!