Guest Post from Stacie: Fun With Black and Silver

Hello, Be Happy and Buy Polish readers! I’m Stacie from and I’m your guest poster today. I have a black and silver skittle mani that I hope you’ll like. For this look, I used Digital Nails‘s Pandorica (black holo) and Wow (silver holo), Sally Hansen’s Black Out (black creme), OPI’s Push and Shove (silver foil), and Indigo Bananas‘s Moonlight (Clair de Lune) (silver flakies). I used top coat on every nail but the middle one. All photos were taken in direct sunlight.

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Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning all! Today I have for you Run, You Clever Boy by Digital Nails. Fun fact: I like this polish, but really dislike Clara from Doctor Who. She just irritates the holy hell out of me! LOL.

Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

RYCB is a dark red base polish with pink to green shift. This is 3 coats plus top coat.

Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy outside photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Digital Nails Run, You Clever Boy macro outside photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I was hoping that outside photos would bring a bit more of the shift, but alas, that was not to be. It is a pretty polish, I just want more of that shimmer!

What do you think of this polish – or Clara, for that matter?


Digital Nails Colovaria and the BBC Weekly Roundup

Purchased by Me buttonIt’s another happy Sunday and I have a beautiful thermal polish to show you: Digital Nails Colovaria.

Digital Nails Colovaria | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Colovaria is a polish I picked up this summer. I’ve been trying to branch out into different kinds of finishes and thermals is one finish that is lacking in my collection. This is a white to pink thermal, and the base has a green shimmer.

Digital Nails Colovaria hot state | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is in its hot state, and to be honest, it went even lighter colored the longer I wore it. I think the day I had it on, it was close to 100 degrees! So this definitely doesn’t show the full extent of the shift.

Digital Nails Colovaria cold state | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is in its cold(ish) state, and because of the 100 degree weather, I had my fair share of trouble trying to show the darker pink! This is my hand right out of the very cold swimming pool water and because it was so hot, my nails warmed up rather fast. LOL!

Well, I’ll still try out thermals, not sure if I’ll keep trying to take pictures of them! 😛 Now, though, I want to see what the Beauty Blog Coalition members have been up to this week:

Digital Nails Bad Wolf swatch + review

Hello out there, readers! Today I have a polish that I was lusting after for awhile and finally splurged on: Digital Nails Bad Wolf.

Digital Nails Bad Wolf | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Bad Wolf is a sheer pearlescent topper with iridescent glitters of different shapes and sizes.

Digital Nails Bad Wolf over OPI My Vampire is Buff macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used 1 coat here over OPI My Vampire Is Buff.

Digital Nails Bad Wolf over black macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

For the accent nail, I used 1 coat of Bad Wolf over OPI Black Onyx.

Application was a bit thick for this polish, not that it’s exactly a bad thing when you’re layering it over another polish though! Over black, there’s a galaxy feel to it, while layering it over a lighter color gives it a very heavenly/ethereal feel.

Let me know your thoughts on this polish!


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What’s In My Travel Bag: Manicure Edition

Press Sample buttonHey and good morning all! Continuing my series of “What’s In My Travel Bag”, I thought you might be interested in what I carry with me for my nails during a trip. I’m assuming you (like me) are starting your trip already having done your manicure.

What's In My Manicure Travel Bag | Be Happy And Buy Polish

For short trips I have just a few requirements: 1) whatever I bring has to fit in a small makeup bag 2) whatever I bring has to truly be a need. So let’s get started, shall we?

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What You Need to Have (And Keep) Great Nails While At College

*Affiliate links present in this post*

As college gets closer and closer, I thought now would be a good time to go through what, in my opinion, the average college student needs to have (and keep) great nails during school. If you are a college student, or you have one in your life, you’re definitely going to need to read through this post! (Click any photo to enlarge it throughout this post.)
What You Need To Have Great Nails At College | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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