Autumnal nail art manicure with Glitter Gal, Polish ‘M, Crystal Parade, and Polished Vino

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Glitter Gal Serpent Black, previously swatched
Polish ‘M Amber Flame
Polish ‘M Brandy Dazzle 2.0
Crystal Parade PR Ultimate Nail Art Gold mix
tree & leaves vinyl from Polished Vino

Polish 'M Amber Flame, Brandy Dazzle, Glitter Gal Serpent Black, fall leaf manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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Gem + Gradient nail art with CrowsToes Nail Color, Nicole Diary, Crystal Parade

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
CrowsToes Nail Color Sweet Evil [previously swatched]
CrowsToes Darkhearted [previously swatched]
Nicole Diary iridescent triangles
Crystal Parade light chrome mixed sizes gems

So remember Sweet Evil? I couldn’t stop using it in nail art! I paired it with Hellhound already and this time around I’ve paired it with Darkhearted. Don’t forget Sweet Evil will be available only February 2-5 at PolishPickup.

CrowsToes Nail Color Sweet Evil, Darkhearted gradient with matte top coat | Be Happy And Buy Polish

CrowsToes Nail Color Sweet Evil, Darkhearted gradient with matte top coat macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

CrowsToes Nail Color Sweet Evil, Darkhearted gradient with matte top coat close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

CrowsToes Nail Color Sweet Evil, Darkhearted gradient with matte top coat in natural light | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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Julie G Bohemian Dreams nail polish collection nail art

Press Sample buttonHey everyone! My apologies for my late review of the 6 JulieG nail polishes from the Bohemian Dreams collection. Like I explained earlier this week, I’ve got a very mobile 7 month old, a terrorizing two-year old, and 2 older kids headed back to school next week. Oh, and our family is moving to another part of town. Yikes. Anyway, my time has been limited, not enough time to sit and do swatching. So….I’ve been wearing a lot of my manis for a few days lately, including all the manis I created with this collection. Long story short, I don’t have swatches of all the polishes BUT I do have manicures with all of them. Let’s get on with it, already. LOL!

A quick application note: all these cream polishes applied like buttah. Seriously. I mean, the colors aren’t revolutionary but I am a sucker for a great cream polish and all of these fit the bill. Continue reading

Striped holographic and multichrome nail art with ILNP and CrowsToes Nail Color

Purchased by Me buttonHey everyone! I hope the weekend treated you well and you’re ready for the work week. Ours was a busy one and the week is shaping up to be crazy too. Today I have a fun mani to show you with ILNP Spring Bouquet, CrowsToes Nail Color Damned If You Do, nail gems from Crystal Parade, and using Polished Vino decals.

ILNP Spring Bouquet | Be Happy And Buy Polish

ILNP Spring Bouquet holographic | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with ILNP Spring Bouquet. This is a silvery holographic polish that has a greenish hue, and a purply shift.
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Art Deco nail art with Zoya Elphie, Olivera, Alicia, and Darling Diva Polish Fairy Pee holo

Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe August is tomorrow. Today we have an open house for the kids’ school and it’s like…holy crud, school is starting in a few weeks. Sh*t…we have how much left to do?? Ugh. So let’s distract everyone with pretty nails, mmkay? I’ve used Zoya Elphie, Olivera, and Alicia [gift] with Darling Diva Polish Fairy Pee Holo [press sample]. I’ve also used some nail studs from Crystal Parade.

Zoya Elphie, Zoya Alicia, Zoya Olivera, Darling Diva Polish Fairy Pee holo art deco nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Zoya Elphie is a deep forest green textured polish. This is 3 coats and no top coat. I did find that it needed that third coat to really deepen the color.  Continue reading

Mixed Animal Print holographic manicure with CrowsToes Nail Color, OPI, Turtle Tootsie Polishes, Painted Polish

Morning all! I hope that if you’re having a heat wave like we are in Montana, you’re staying cool! I am sweltering and not staying cool because my 6month old is on a nursing streak and he’s sweaty – which makes me sweaty and him more sweaty. Ugh. It’s a sweaty mess. How about a mani that isn’t a mess….or maybe it is? I dunno. At first I didn’t really like it but then it grew on me. Let me know at the end what you think.

CrowsToes Damned If You Do, Turtle Tootsie Polishes Aquarius, Painted Polish Gray Goddess  | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So I started off with OPI You’re So Vain-illa on my ring and pointer fingers. On my pointer finger, I used a giraffe print (maybe it’s a cheetah print?) decal and used Painted Polish Gray Goddess, then outlining with China Glaze Liquid Leather. I added some gems from Crystal Parade in the corner – didn’t really like how it turned out though. Continue reading

Soft, Sweet, and Blingy Pedicure with Daisy and ILNP

Hi everyone! As you may have figured out from the title of today’s post, I have a pedicure to show you! I’ve used Daisy Sweet Romance  [gift] with ILNP Juliette, along with nail gems from Crystal Parade’s nail art gold mix.

Daisy Sweet Romance and ILNP Juliette bottle shot | Be Happy And Buy Polish

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