Barielle Gentle Breeze nail polish collection swatches + review

Press Sample buttonGood Friday morning, lacquer lovers! Are you ready for the weekend? I’m excited as this is the last weekend my husband has to work all weekend long for awhile. *phew*! Today I have a 5 piece nail polish collection from Barielle called the Gentle Breeze collection. Let’s take a look! (All swatches shown with Barielle top coat.)

Barielle Champagne Bubbles | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Champagne Bubbles is an orange-brown crelly nail polish. To be honest, this one isn’t my favorite – I feel like I’m way too pale to pull off a color like this. This is 3 coats.

Barielle Gray Sky | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Gray Sky is a pale grey with just a hint of purple. It’s almost too frosty for my liking, but stops just short. This is 2 coats.

Barielle Pink Parasol | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Pink Parasol is a really lovely bubblegum pink. I did have trouble with getting it to even out. This is 3 coats.

Barielle Heaven Sent | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Heaven Sent is the star of this collection (for me). It’s a brighter blue polish, but there’s just enough drops of green in there to make it turquoise. This is 2 lovely coats.

Barielle Under the Sea | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Last is Under the Sea, a shimmery teal polish. My camera wanted to make it either too blue or too green, so this photo shows just a bit more green than it actually is.

You can pick this set up for $25 through Barielle, though for my money I would only pick up Heaven Sent and possibly Pink Parasol.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this polish collection, so holler at me in the comments!


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Barielle Jetsetter Collection + nail art

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Barielle Me Couture Fall/Winter collection swatches, review, + nail art

Press Sample buttonHappy autumn day to you, my awesome readers! It’s an absolutely gorgeous morning here in Montana, the air is crisp and refreshing and there is a wonderful smell of leaves in the air. I just had to share this snap I took this morning: Fall Morning in Montana

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and fall nail polish collections make me so excited and yearning for comfy sweaters, crisp days, and snuggling up with someone special. Today’s collection from Barielle has the perfect colors for a fall collection, so let’s take a look: Barielle Me Couture | Be Happy And Buy Polish Continue reading

How To: Date Night Manicure

Good morning lovely readers! It’s Friday and the weekend, and for many of you, that might mean it’s date night. I see a lot of people on Facebook, twitter, and elsewhere asking about what to do on their nails for their date night, so I thought I would share with you two outfits and 3 manicures I’ve done for each outfit.
How To Date Night Manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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Barielle Keys collection review + giveaway

press sampleGood morning my wonderful readers! I hope you are having a glorious day so far. 🙂 I’d like you to come away with me this morning, on a breezy tropical get-away. So, sit down, fix a cocktail (or a coffee), and take your mind away to the beach while we look at the Barielle Keys nail polish collection:
Barielle Keys collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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August Favorite Nail Polishes + Nail Art

Another month has gone, my lovelies! It really doesn’t seem real that it’s September already, I feel like I barely did anything in August (except getting the kids ready for school, and I think I’d rather forget about that headache!). Let’s check out my favorite polishes and nail art for the month of August! Click through after the collage for full details.

August favorites | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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