Zombie makeup look and zombie nails

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
6 Harts Life From Destruction, Disorder & Chaos from October 2018 Polish Pickup Pack, 1 coat as base
L.A. Colors Glows Radio Active
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Deepest Red Nail Polish
1 coat of top coat

zombie nails with 6 Harts, Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty, L.A. Colors | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Late night posting even though I really should be starting to get settled for bed. But I knew if I didn’t type this up, I wouldn’t have time tomorrow to do it! So… I thought I’d share with you a look I did for a zombie 5k run this past weekend. I thought it turned out really well! P.S. My time was 29.53 for the 5k. 😀 Continue reading

Magnetic Zig-Zag manicure with 6 Harts and Tonic Polish

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Tonic Polish Xtravaganza, 3 coats plus top coat, formula is slightly sheer but otherwise good.
6 Harts Polish Heart of the Milky Way [Polish Pickup Pack April 2018], 3 coats plus top coat, applies slightly unevenly but the third coat finishes it nicely.

Tonic Polish Xtravaganza magnetic nail polish, 6 Harts Heart of the Milky Way zig zag nail art full manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So today is my gramma’s 100th birthday celebration! She actually turned 100 in February but the family decided to hold the celebration in the summer. I live in the same town as she does so I get to luckily see her frequently. But I’m a little apprehensive over how many people will be at this shindig – crowds, loudness, chaotic craziness, and unfamiliar people are all some of my personal triggers for my anxiety. I’m hopeful that things will go well.
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