Makeup look with Notoriously Morbid

Purchased by Me buttonProducts used:
Notoriously Morbid Desire (eyeshadow)
Notoriously Morbid Beyond the Pale (lippie)

makeup with notoriously morbid and makeup revolution london | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is my first experience with Notoriously Morbid and it’s not going to be my last. I was able to make this purchase with the help of a coupon code I won in a private group.
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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Smartease, La Vida, Bourbon Belle, Metro Midnight, Sundown Socialite

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
Smartease, 3 coats and no top coat
La Vida, 2 coats and no top coat
Bourbon Belle, 2 coats and no top coat
Metro Midnight, 3 coats and no top coat
Sundown Socialite, 3 coats and no top coat

I must confess, I was sent these polishes a few months ago but I haven’t been able to sit down and swatch in quite some time. I finally rectified that this past weekend so let’s check these polishes out.
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Orange eyeshadow with coral lip makeup look for redheads with Saucebox Cosmetics, Makeup Revolution London, Too Faced, Wet n Wild

Purchased by Me buttonProducts used:
Saucebox Cosmetics Treasure Chest [Mermaid Life eyeshadow palette]
Makeup Revolution London Neato, Maestro, Brick [Flawless Matte 2 eyeshadow palette]
Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Coral
Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit Shady Witch [previously swatched]

makeup look with saucebox cosmetics mermaid life, makeup revolution london flawless matte 2 close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This was my makeup look from a couple of days ago. I was supposed to be getting my hair trimmed (didn’t happen) and my eyebrows done (did happen). Hence why my eyebrows are looking sparse. 😀
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Polish ‘M Ghoul Time 2.0 swatch and review + life update

Gift buttonPolishes used:
Polish ‘M Ghoul Time 2.0, 2 coats. Formula is really nice, I was expecting to use 3 coats, I did have to use two coats of top coat in order to get a really smooth look.
2 coats of QDTC

polish 'm ghoul time 2 warm state thermal polish manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish

polish 'm ghoul time 2 cold state thermal polish manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Hey everyone, it’s been a long time. December was an incredibly overall shitty month with lovely spots of non-shittiness. :/ Along with everyone in my family being sick, my nails crapping out on me, we were victims of a burglary.

As some of you know, we moved this past summer to a new home and are still in the process of moving things from the old home and updating it to be able to sell it. A few weeks ago, my husband discovered that many items were stolen – including most of my nail polish collection, along with much of his model train sets and materials, and other valuables. When we moved, I didn’t move the majority of my collection, I only moved the hundred or so polishes I hadn’t tried yet. I didn’t want to move the collection because I was apprehensive about such a move and I’ll be honest, it was partly laziness as well. I mean – thousands of polish, who wants to pack that up?

At any rate, my mood has been pretty bleak, I’ve stopped participating in a lot of groups and I haven’t really been in the mood to blog. It’s just so painful to be in brand specific groups and think about specific polishes that are gone, and won’t ever be replaced. It took me over 5 years and thousands of dollars to amass my collection and thinking about starting over is seriously distressing.

Some bright spots – I have had a few friends reach out to send me polishes, which has overwhelmed me with gratefulness for the kindnesses shown to me. Michelle from Polish ‘M sent me a box full of polishes, including this one. I don’t feel like I deserve all this kindness, I’m not anyone special, and I haven’t done anything special. I’ve been crying over the messages sent my way and if you’ve been one of those that have reached out, you have no idea what your words have meant to me.
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Magnetic Beetle Nails with KBShimmer and Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Divine Elements Water
KBShimmer Creep It Together

magnetic beetle manicure with Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Divine Elements Water, KBShimmer Creep It Together | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Anyone else just have those weeks where you’re like, “Nope, ain’t happening, I should just spend the day in bed”? Yeah, that was last week for me. Unfortunately, I have children that jump on me to wake me up, which is rather unpleasant. :/
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