Magnetic Marbled skittlette manicure with L.A. Colors, Tonic Polish, Moonflower Polish, P.O.P Polish

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base polish
L.A. Colors 109 Blankie, a soft blue-grey creme polish.
Tonic Polish Helpless, 3 coats, a multichrome magnetic polish with indigo iridescent flakies. I see blue, green, teal. It was more see-through at 2 coats than I liked, hence the third coat.
Moonflower Polish I Just Can’t Wait (Polish Pickup Pack May 2018), a hot coral stamping polish.
P.O.P Polish SandSlick, 3 coats, a pastel multichrome. Primary colors: nude, blush, tan, pink gold; secondary colors: green, blue; tertiary colors: cobalt, lavender. Check, check, and check! Good, buildable formula.
1 coat of quick dry top coat

marble decal manicure with L.A. Colors Blankie, Moonflower Polish I Just Can't Wait, P.O.P. Polish SandSlick, Tonic Polish Helpless | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Do you know what I would do if money wasn’t an issue in my life? Besides setting up a non-profit for dental work for those who fall through the cracks, I’d never wash my makeup brushes again. I’d just give away my brushes when they got dirty and buy new ones. Wasteful, yes. But my goodness do I hate to wash my brushes!
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Oil slick nail art manicure with P.O.P Polish Pastel Oil Slicks 360 nail polish collection

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
1 coat of L.A. Colors Circuits
Ribbits Stickits Unfroggetable Cuticle Cover in Plain Toad
Entire P.O.P Polish Pastel Oil Slicks 360 collection
2 coats of P.O.P Polish Liquid Glass top coat

oil slick manicure with POP Polish Pastel Oil Slick 360 nail polishes | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Current mani time! If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time, you know that I’ve been trying to perfect an oil slick or oil puddle look. I tried an oil slick manicure with Parrot Polish, with KBShimmer,  and I think I finally nailed it! Keep reading to see how I created this look.
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Water Spotted Manicure with POP Polish and L.A. Colors

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base polish
P.O.P Polish Slick Days of Summer, 3 coats. This is sheer but builds nicely.
L.A. Colors Circuits, 2 coats. This is more of a jelly formula than I expected.
1 coat of quick-dry top coat

water spotted manicure with POP Polish Slick Days of Summer, L.A. Colors Circuits | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Things you may not know about me: I’ve never broken a bone. I think I may be one of my only siblings (there are 9 of us) that hasn’t. I don’t know how common it is to not break a bone, and it isn’t like I don’t have plenty of scars all over. Don’t ask why that just popped into my head, but here we are. 😀
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Paint Drip Manicure with P.O.P Polish and Sinful Colors

Purchased by Me button
Polishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Sinful Colors 2509 Defiant Matte Finish, 2 coats. This is from the Radical Matte Finish line and the only one I picked up. In some lights it looks rather grapey purple, in others a more mauve-y purple. Application was easy, almost a One-Coat Wonder.
P.O.P Polish Watermelon BubbleSlick, 3 coats. Formula is good and buildable. “Primary colors: Pink, Hot Pink, Champagne, Blush, Tan; Secondary colors: Gold, Green; Tertiary: Cobalt, Turquoise, Grey”
1 coat of quick-dry top coat
1 coat of Sinful Colors Radical Matte top coat

paint drip manicure with Sinful Colors and POP Polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve picked up an actual book and read it? Ugh. I used to love reading so much, immersing myself in the world of whatever book, imagining me right there with the characters (I have an overactive imagination!). Lately (lately? more like it’s been years!) with the kids and their activities and my own interests, I just haven’t picked up a book. Which is a shame because I have a bookcase that is literally stuffed to the brim with books.

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Tonic Polish Mirabilis over Blackheart Beauty Navy Vampire Matte swatch

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Blackheart Beauty Navy Vampire Matte, 1 coat [previously swatched]
Tonic Polish Mirabilis, 2 coats. This is a magnetic multichrome topper; I’ve used the Tonic Polish ring magnet in this manicure.
1 coat of top coat

Tonic Polish Mirabilis magnetic nail polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’m going to keep this fairly short because I’m super tired. Mirabilis is a seriously amazing polish and if you don’t have it, you’d better buy it. There are all sorts of beautiful colors in this polish.
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CrowsToes Nail Color Bitch on Wheels swatch + review [September Polish Pickup Pack]

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Polishes used:

CrowsToes Nail Color Bitch on Wheels for September Polish Pickup Pack, 3 coats plus top coat. I would say this is a scattered holographic red nail polish with gold glow and purple sparks (shut it, I’m having trouble thinking!).

This applied evenly, with a jelly-like formula. No trouble with staining my nails or my cuticles. I thought this might dry with a bit of texture even with top coat, but it did not.

CrowsToes Nail Color Bitch on Wheels September Polish Pickup Pack | Be Happy And Buy Polish

CrowsToes Nail Color Bitch on Wheels September Polish Pickup Pack close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This polish is based on the book/movie Christine by Stephen King, specifically the actual paint color of Christine! First, I gotta say I’m a huge SK fan so I was stoked to see this polish in the September “horror movie” themed Polish Pickup Pack. I’m a huge proponent of reading the books before watching the movies, and I probably read this book first in high school. Shortly after, I watched the movie. Now it isn’t my favorite Stephen King based movie but the book definitely is. Stephen King has a way of writing that you can just feel the dread creeping up on you. To this day, I still see faces in the grill of cars (older cars especially) and it freaks me out!

CrowsToes Nail Color Bitch on Wheels September Polish Pickup Pack in sun | Be Happy And Buy Polish

September Polish Pickup Pack is open this coming weekend, September 7 through 10. There are many beautiful polishes going to be available and I hope you put this one on your wish list! This will be $12 and will have no cap.

Update, per Madame Crow:
My Sincere Apologies to any that were offended by her given name…I totally spaced on this one… Fear Not! Your bottle of B.O.W. will ship with BOTH labels (just like we did with the power stone & the manslut)
The “G” Rated Version will read: “B!#ch On Wheels”
The “R” Rated version shown above will be enclosed with each polish. 🙂

Side note: I was hoping to do nail art with this polish but as of yet that hasn’t happened. I’ll have more in a post tomorrow but I’ve been really struggling lately and so haven’t put together nail art.

Blackheart Beauty Matte Nude layered with Tonic Polish Lips

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Blackheart Beauty Matte Nude, 1 coat. I would call this a light peachy-pink matte polish. Formula was pretty atrocious.
Tonic Polish Lips, 1 thick coat. This is a magnetic multichrome polish that shift from pink to gold to green to mustard yellow. When a magnet is applied, a bright blue shift comes alive.
1 coat Dreamland Lacquer Ooh Shiny

layered magnetic mani with Tonic Polish Lips, Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Matte Nude | Be Happy And Buy Polish

How could I not pair a nail polish called Nude with a nail polish called Lips? 😀
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