Geode Nail Art Tutorial

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Lemming Lacquer Ghosts of the Vault (January 2018 Polish Pickup Pack)
Sinful Colors Limited Edition Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat 2296 Punk the Town
Sinful Colors 979 Aquamarine
L.A. Colors Mermaid Magic 72 Sea Life

Lemming Lacquer Ghosts of the Vault, Sinful Colors Punk the Town, Aquamarine, L.A. Colors Mermaid Magic Sea Life geode nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

My hope is that this post will be fairly clear and straightforward with how I created my geode nail art decals. I have to give credit to an old tutorial by sveta_sanders which gave me the idea to create the nail decals in this way.  Continue reading

How To: Date Night Manicure

Good morning lovely readers! It’s Friday and the weekend, and for many of you, that might mean it’s date night. I see a lot of people on Facebook, twitter, and elsewhere asking about what to do on their nails for their date night, so I thought I would share with you two outfits and 3 manicures I’ve done for each outfit.
How To Date Night Manicure | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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What You Need to Have (And Keep) Great Nails While At College

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As college gets closer and closer, I thought now would be a good time to go through what, in my opinion, the average college student needs to have (and keep) great nails during school. If you are a college student, or you have one in your life, you’re definitely going to need to read through this post! (Click any photo to enlarge it throughout this post.)
What You Need To Have Great Nails At College | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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DIY Nail Polish Remover Jar

Good morning everyone! I have a tutorial that my friend Kate put together for me. She was telling me how she made a nail polish remover jar and how well it was working, so I asked her if she’d mind doing a step-by-step picture tutorial for me. She was inspired by this tutorial she found on pinterest, but she wanted one solid sponge piece like the jars you buy in stores.

What you’ll need:
-choice of nail polish remover – pure acetone or non-acetone remover
-sponge (in this case a car wash sponge as it is really soft and springy, a mop sponge might work as well)
-your choice of jar (any jar will work but smaller is better to avoid wasting nail polish remover); pictured here is a blue hookah jar (2 oz, similar to this), a jelly jar (4 oz), and a Palmer’s Olive Oil jar (1 oz).
-something to mark the sponge like a sharpie
-something to cut the sponge with like an exacto knife
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Step One:
Trace the jar onto the sponge.
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Step Two:
Cut the sponge. Exactness is not necessary.
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Step Three:
Since the car wash sponge is so big, you have to cut it down if you are using a smaller jar. The sponge will expand quite a bit and will overflow your jar. Aim to make it a little shorter than the jar, if it still expands too much you can take it out, squeeze out the remover and trim it shorter.
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Step Four & Five:
Put the sponge in the jar and cut a little cross to dip your finger in.
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Step Six:
Add your choice of remover and you’re done! For the little jelly jar, 3 TBs of nail polish remover. For the one ounce Palmer’s jar, it was 1-1.5 TBs.
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Kate said she’s been using the small jar for about a week now and removed a half dozen manicures between herself and her girls. The sponge hasn’t melted or disintergrated with pure acetone. Regular creme/shimmer polish is cleaned off in seconds, with flakie polish taking a few seconds longer to soak them off. Glitter polish doesn’t fare as well, pieces of it got left behind on the nail and it tore up the sponge. (Kate said she’s impatient and really scrubbed the glitter with the sponge, so the tears in the sponge are probably her own fault.) If you’re impatient like Kate, you might try another type of sponge, or just try being patient for an extra minute. 😉

If you feel so inclined, here’s a pinnable image for you!
Nail Polish Remover Jar Tutorial | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my friend Kate for helping me out with this. She is seriously the most crafty person I know (she was sewing hammocks for pet rats this week for goodness’ sake!). Please help me tell her thank you!

Have you tried out DIY stuff like this before? What have you done? I’m the least artsy-craftsy person I know, but I think even I could pull this off. Tomorrow I will have some OPI swatch spam, so until then,


My First Tutorial: Straw Technique

Good Christmas Eve, everyone! I hope you are enjoying this holiday week, and not stressing out so much. And if you are dealing with stress or grief, please be gentle with yourself and with other people. (hugs)

Today I have a tutorial that was requested after I did my festive colors mani. This is a fairly simple manicure. You’ll need: 2-4 complementary nail polishes, a straw cut into half or thirds, a base coat, a top coat, and a piece of wax paper. For my polishes, I’ve used Mentality Sunny as a base, and then Mentality Foggy and Mentality Sailor as complementary colors. Use polishes that don’t get dry too quickly, or are too runny. This is the reason I’ve chosen Mentality polishes.
Straw Technique

So, start with clean nails, and then apply your base coat. I’ve used nail pattern boldness Glitter-A-Peel for my base coat (since Sunny can be hard to get off).

Straw Technique Tutorial

From left to right, top to bottom:
1. Apply 2 coats of your base color, in my case Sunny.
2. Drop a bit of another color  onto your wax paper. You want to spread the drop around just a bit.
3. Dip your straw into the polish.
4. You should have enough polish on the straw, as shown.
5. Press straw lightly onto your nails, slightly rolling as you go.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 with other colors.
7. You’re done!

Mentality Sunny, Sailor, Foggy

I’d love to know what you think about this! Was this an easy tutorial to follow? If you do your nails with this technique, let me know, because I’d love to see them. 🙂

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate! I won’t be posting tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Thursday. Until then,
Be Happy and Buy Polish



*Post Script: I honestly didn’t realize when I posted this tutorial that it had been done before. (I should have realized though! 🙂 ) Though I didn’t use their tutorials, I don’t want there to be any confusion or misunderstanding that I am trying to claim others’ work as my own. If you’d like to see some other great tutorials using a straw, check out Chelsea’s Queen (video link) and I Feel Polished. 🙂