Fan Brush Gradient with OPI polishes

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! Just dropping in with a quick post about my current mani. This week the OPI Mad Love fb group’s color of the week is pink and yes it took me all week to be able to sit down and create a mani! (More on why at the life update at the end of this post.) I used all OPI polishes: Mod About You, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, Suzi’s Hungary Again, Charged Up Cherry, My Throne for a Cranberry Scone, and DS Sapphire.

OPI Mod About You | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with 2 coats and no top coat of Mod About You (black label). This is a very pale pink-white polish. Formula was uneven but gah, I love the old OPI black label polishes! There’s something about the way they smell…yes I am a freak. 😛  Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Kisses nail art with Pahlish + Pretty & Polished

Press Sample buttonSo I had a post all ready for today, typed up and everything. And then somehow, it disappeared. No trace of it except that I had uploaded the pictures. Since I was starting over anyway, I decided to replace the post with this mani that I wore a couple of weeks ago with Pahlish Just Like the Setting Sun and Pretty & Polished Smoke & Mirrors.

Pretty & Polished Smoke & Mirrors | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Pretty & Polished Smoke & Mirrors macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

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Guest Post From Copycat Claws

Hey there!  Serene here from Copycat Claws.  When I heard Jessica was having a baby and might need some blogging help, I jumped at the chance to help out.  Jessica has always been such a wonderful member of the nail blogging community that I definitely wanted to lend a hand.

For those of you who don’t know me, my little sister named my blog for me when I first started getting into nail art.  It seemed I was always finding inspiration in random places (i.e. copying) and my nail art for my guest post today is no exception.  Does your town have Paint Nite’s, events where people get to hang out together, usually at a bar or restaurant, and try their hand at painting?  I’ve done a couple and they’re a blast (even if I don’t have much artistic ability…hence I’m a big time stamper).  Sometimes I just check out their website and look at the paintings which is what happened here.  I saw an awesome neon snowflake painting that I wanted to try to get onto my nails.

To do these I started with a white base and then did a fan brush gradient with pipe dream polish Masquerade, Harlequin and Celebration.  I don’t know why I don’t use the fan brush more often.  It’s easy and quick and I always love the effect.
The stamping was done with Mundo de Unas White and UberChic Beauty Christmas 01.  See, sometimes holiday plates can definitely be useful at times other than the actual holidays!
I’m not even sure what season this mani fits into.  It’s neon like summer but covered in snowflakes.  Maybe we all just need a bit of summer thrown into our winter but never the other way around.  I hate snow in summer.  There’s no month of the year here that is safe from snow.  After all, I am Canadian…
Thank you to Jessica for letting me hang out and congrats on the newest addition to your family.  I’ve always been in awe of the moms who blog.  I can barely keep up without babies so kudos to those who can do it with munchkins!
And thanks to the rest of you for checking out my guest post on Jessica’s amazing blog.  If you’re interested in seeing more of my nail adventures, you can follow me on Bloglovin’, Instagram and Facebook.
‘Til next time…

Baptism Nails and makeup of the day

Hi everyone! Kind of a late in the day post, I know. But I wanted to share with you my nails that I wore today for Henry’s baptism and my makeup. Life update at the end of this post!

Sinful Colors Stoned Crystal Shimmer Just Deserts, Femme Fatale Cosmetics Hourglass | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wanted something delicate since my outfit was kind of loud. LOL. I started with 3 coats of Sinful Colors Just Deserts from the Stoned Crystal Shimmer collection. It is slightly more pink in real life. (I’m really hoping to get swatches done of this collection this week, btw.) Then I added an iridescent glitter stud to the nails with Just Deserts on them.  Continue reading

Dry Brush nail art with OPI nail polishes

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! I’m back again with another nail art look for OPI Mad Love’s color of the week, which is yellow and/or gold. Now, yellow isn’t really my favorite nail polish color – I looked in my melmers and I had 4 gold OPI polishes and 2 yellow OPI polishes. Not exactly swimming in this color family, if you feel me. 😛 Also, my ring finger on BOTH hands got split all the way down so I am rocking the total nub life on those fingers. Why yes, I am irritated about that! Anyway, check out my nail art below and afterwards I’ll give you a mid-week check in! (oh P.S. Go check out this nail art guest post I created for Dina at Secretary’s Nail Art!)

OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana, Can't Find My Czechbook, SPF XXX, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around bottle shot | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Left to right: I Just Can’t Cope-acabana, Can’t Find My Czechbook, SPF XXX, Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
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Nautical Nail Art with OPI and Fancy Gloss

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! I wanted to show you my current mani because I’m just so excited about how it turned out! 😀 I’m in a great group of fellow OPI nail polish lovers called OPI Mad Love (please join us!) and we’ve been doing OPI colors of the week – and this week is blue.  I decided to try my hand at doing a mani!

OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay, a dusty ocean blue. Formula was a bit jelly and a little on the runny side. This is 2 coats and no top coat.  Continue reading

Pick Three Polishes: Model City Polish Glisten, Fancy Gloss Ocean Pixie, China Glaze Strawberry Fields

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! Ready for a wintery manicure? I have one just for you featuring Model City Polish Glisten, Fancy Gloss Ocean Pixie, and China Glaze Strawberry Fields.

Model City Polish Glisten | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Model City Polish Glisten macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with Model City Polish Glisten. It’s a white-grey scattered holographic base with holographic micro glitters. It has a good thickness but is uneven; it does dry gritty. This is 3 coats plus top coat. Continue reading