Makeup Look with Urban Decay Vice and Saucebox Cosmetics

Purchased by Me buttonEyeshadows used:
Urban Decay Discreet
Urban Decay Harlot
Urban Decay Beat Down
Urban Decay Deadbeat
Saucebox Cosmetics Wealth from Art Nouveau palette

Lip product:
Wet N Wild ColorIcon Zodiac Capricorn (previously swatched)

makeup look for redheads with Urban Decay Vice Palette, Saucebox Cosmetics | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is my makeup look from this past Sunday. I’ve been trying to put in the effort to work on harder makeup looks – sometimes succeeded and sometimes failing – but I’m going to call this one a win. I was inspired by this makeup lookContinue reading

Wet N Wild Fire and Ice Liquid Catsuits swatches + makeup looks

Purchased by Me buttonLast of lip swatches and makeup looks for awhile – at least until I get up the energy to do more. I picked these up a good three months ago (procrastinators unite – tomorrow) but I’ve been using one of the lippies on repeat since I picked it up. Click through for product photos and swatches of Icing on the Wall and Queen’s Blood! Continue reading

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers 2018 swatches + makeup looks

Purchased by Me buttonI’ve already shown you some of the Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers 2018 with my skeleton makeup look, but I have the rest of what I purchased to show you today, with product photos, swatches, and makeup looks. You can see more of the makeup looks at this post reviewing the Hot Topic Beetlejuice Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Kind of a long post, so Imma shut up now. 😛

Continue reading

Wet N Wild Zodiac lip glosses capricorn and cancer [swatches + review]

Purchased by Me buttonI’ve been meaning to get around to showing you these photos for awhile and I just decided to buckle down and get blog posts written up. Anyway, I found two of the Wet n Wild Zodiac lip glosses at Walmart and decided to try them out. Usually lip glosses are a huge no for me but I elected to go outside of my usual makeup box. Let’s get to product photos and swatches! Continue reading

Cracked Skull Half Skeleton Makeup Look

Hey everyone, quick Halloween posting! 😀 I just had to share what I’m wearing for taking my kids out this afternoon. I used this tutorial from The Goodowl, using some of the Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers products.

cracked skeleton makeup | Be Happy And Buy Polish

cracked half skeleton makeup | Be Happy And Buy Polish

cracked skeleton makeup side view | Be Happy And Buy Polish

It isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t look half-bad for having about an hour and a half to create it! I wish I had had more time to do a better job with the teeth part, but oh well. Let me know what you think!

Zombie makeup look and zombie nails

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
6 Harts Life From Destruction, Disorder & Chaos from October 2018 Polish Pickup Pack, 1 coat as base
L.A. Colors Glows Radio Active
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Deepest Red Nail Polish
1 coat of top coat

zombie nails with 6 Harts, Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty, L.A. Colors | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Late night posting even though I really should be starting to get settled for bed. But I knew if I didn’t type this up, I wouldn’t have time tomorrow to do it! So… I thought I’d share with you a look I did for a zombie 5k run this past weekend. I thought it turned out really well! P.S. My time was 29.53 for the 5k. 😀 Continue reading

Skeleton Makeup with Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers

Purchased by Me buttonHey everyone, I know I’ve been MIA for most of October. I’ve been seriously depressed and fighting a lot of anxiety and on top of being a mom, a wife, running social media for a business, exercising, and sleeping, I haven’t had a lot of time. Since my blog is “just for me”, doesn’t bring in any money, and does take up time, it’s fallen by the wayside. I can’t make promises that I will be better but I’m going to try to post more often.

skeleton makeup with Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I have product photos, swatches, and a skeleton makeup look with Wet N Wild products to show you today! These are mostly limited edition products from Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers line 2018. Click through for plenty of photos!  Continue reading