China Glaze Ahoy! nail polish swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonMorning all! Half-way through the month already and I have a 10 month old today! :O I just cannot believe in a couple of months he will be a year old. It’s just crazy to me. πŸ˜€ Today I have a quick swatch of China Glaze Ahoy!

China Glaze Ahoy! | Be Happy And Buy Polish

China Glaze Ahoy! macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

China Glaze Ahoy! close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Ahoy! is a bright pink polish with gold shimmer. Formula was a bit thin but otherwise okay.Β This is 2 coats and no top coat.Β 

You’ll be seeing this again in an upcoming gradient mani with Cult Nails Nevermore and Polish ‘M Waverly Hills. Can’t wait to show you!


Angular manicure with Bad Bitch Polish

Press Sample buttonHey everyone! I’m back again with another (sort of) angular manicure with Bad Bitch Polish. I’ve used part of the November duo, Citrine Shimmer.

Bad Bitch Polish Citrine Shimmer | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So I started off with Citrine Shimmer, and here’s a reminder of what that looks like!

Bad Bitch Polish Citrine Shimmer, The Unburnt, JulieG White Orchid | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I really didn’t have a plan in mind when I sat down to pair Citrine Shimmer with nail art, which is probably why I didn’t really care for the end result. I ended up using Bad Bitch Polish The Unburnt and JulieG White Orchid.

I dunno, I’m still on the fence about this one. I like the color pairings but not the outcome. What do you think?

Sinful Colors Holiday 2017 Tinsel Topper, Limited Edition Glitter, Smashing Flecks

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! I have to admit, I haven’t been tempted by Sinful Colors for awhile, which is a bummer because I usually enjoy their polishes. But at my last quick trip to Walgreens, I spotted the Holiday 2017 collection and picked up a few. I was even tempted by a hairy glitter! :O At any rate, here are 2400 In My Igloo Tinsel Topper, 2308 Out With A Bang Smashing Flecks, 2399 Pop the Cork Limited Edition Glitter, 2401 Spiked Cider Limited Edition Glitter, and 2307 Smash Hit Smashing Flecks. I’m showing each without any top coat and each with a coat of matte top coat.

Sinful Colors Holiday 2017 Smashing Flecks, Tinsel Topper, Limited Edition Glitter | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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Manicure with Hot Topic Black Heart black holographic, CrowsToes, and Baroness X

Purchased by Me buttonOkay, so I did this mani back at the beginning of September, and evidently I didn’t care/was lazy/had children yelling at me and didn’t write anything down about the polishes or the manicure. So umm, I’m winging it. I know I used Black Heart Beauty black holographic from Hot Topic, CrowsToes Nail Color Triple Black Diamond, and Baroness X Panty Dropper (custom for Rainbows & Unicorn Pee fb group).

BlackHeart Beauty black holographic | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is Black Heart Beauty black holographic nail polish. No idea on how many coats this is (I think 1?) but I know there isn’t top coat. Continue reading

Current mani with KBShimmer It’s Petrifying, OPI No Tan Lines, Baroness X Anthracite

Purchased by Me buttonHappy Saturday everyone! Well the sickness in the household continues and it’s snowy, cold, and icy outside so we are stuck inside. But life rolls on and on and while I have a moment, just a quick post to show you what’s currently on my nails. I’ve used KBShimmer It’s Petrifying, OPI No Tan Lines, and Baroness X Anthracite (X Army group custom).

KBShimmer It's Petrifying, OPI No Tan Lines | Be Happy And Buy Polish

KBShimmer It's Petrifying macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used 3 thin coats plus top coat of KBShimmer It’s Petrifying on my pointer and middle fingers. This is a light taupe base with glitters of gold, orange, black, white, and dark blue. It was hard to get the glitters evenly on the nail. Continue reading

Halloween nail art manicures

Purchased by Me buttonI know, I know. Halloween has come and gone. And I would have had this post up on Halloween or before but I’ll be honest, I’ve really been struggling with anxiety this week and being seriously stressed and overwhelmed (still am 😦 ). So blogging took a backseat (thank you, past me for scheduling a ton of posts ahead of time) while I’ve been trying to sort myself out. I’m not completely sorted out (who is these days anyway?) but I wanted to sit down and show you the manicures I’ve had on my hands over the last couple of weeks leading up to Halloween. I’ve done a blood drip manicure, a disappearing/reappearing manicure, and a Frankenstein themed manicure. A copious amount of pictures ahead πŸ˜‰

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Turquoise Flower manicure with CrowsToes Milquetoast, China Glaze What I Like About Blue, KBShimmer I Never Wood Have Guessed

Morning everyone! I hope you have had a great weekend and are ready for the week. πŸ™‚ My husband’s car broke down (again), and he fixed it (again), plus we did a whole bunch of running around which basically that feels like all my life is anymore. But, it’s a new week full of new adventures. πŸ™‚ Today’s manicure is one that I was inspired by a manicure from Nail Polish Society (who comes up with some of the best manicures, I think).

CrowsToes Milquetoast, China Glaze What I Like About Blue, KBShimmer I Never Wood Have Guessed | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off withΒ 2 coats plus top coat of CrowsToes Nail Color Milquetoast on my index finger. This applied a bit bumpy but there was good glitter coverage (yes those two things are connected). Of course I don’t think my super short nail helped either.Β  Continue reading