Ellison’s Organics “You Are” nail polish collection swatches + review (partial)

Press Sample buttonHello out there in the real world, my awesome readers! Today I have a review of the “You Are” collection by Ellison’s Organics. There are 9 polishes in the collection, and I get to show you 6 of them today. The maker behind Ellison’s Organics wanted to make a collection named by all the things she wants women to believe they are – stunning, extraordinary, etc – “I want my polish to reflect the wonderful women in the polish community!” 

Ellison's Organics You Are nail polish collection | Be Happy and Buy Polish
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butter LONDON Rock Your Colour Lacquer: Inky Six

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Good afternoon mates! I’m trying out a new accent in my head for this post – British, of course, for the butter LONDON products I’m reviewing over today and tomorrow. (Side note: I binge-watched a whole season of Top Gear UK one weekend when I was sick, and by Sunday night, my husband was so tired of all the British witticisms and slang I had picked up.)

butter LONDON is launching a new product line tomorrow, August 1: Rock Your Colour. It consists of 5 new lacquers, and a range of eyeshadows, cream blushes, mascaras, eyeliners, lippys, and lippy balms. butter LONDON kindly provided to me, for review,  some of each from the new line.

Today I’ll be reviewing the lacquer they sent me: Inky Six. Now I know that each of their lacquers is named after a British slang or song, but I must confess that I don’t know what “Inky Six” stands for. So if you know, please leave a note in the comments!

Inky Six is an absolutely gorgeous blurple based polish, with blue, green, and micro purple (I think) glitters. In my opinion, the green glitters are what makes this lacquer outstanding! Application was smooth, I’ve used 2 coats for the following pictures.  Inky Six does dry rough and matte, though, so I used a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter Food, then a top coat to make it smooth.

Warning: lots of pretty pictures ahead!

Inside, no flash, natural light:
butter LONDON inky six

Inside, flash:
butter LONDON inky six

Inside, flash, deliberately blurry:
butter LONDON inky six

Outside, sunshine, no flash:
butter LONDON inky six

Outside, sunshine, no flash, deliberately blurry:
butter LONDON inky six

Outside, shade:
butter LONDON inky six

This doesn’t even begin to show the beauty of this lacquer, but I hope that you see why I think that the green glitters are really what give this lacquer depth. The only thing I would say I didn’t enjoy about this lacquer is the removal. I had little itsy bits of glitter all over my nails after I used acetone to get the lacquer off. Not fun! So be sure to use a glue-base or yellow stopper or Nail Pattern Boldness’ Glitter-A-Peel underneath.

You know why I couldn’t just leave it here, right? I’ve paired Inky Six with another new butter LONDON of mine, Snog (purchased myself), for some nail art. I started off with 2 coats of Snog, and added some Inky Six triangles:

Inside, flash:
butter LONDON inky six and Snog

Outside, no flash, sunlight:
butter LONDON inky six and Snog

Outside, no flash, sunlight, deliberately blurry:
butter LONDON inky six and Snog

The Rock Your Colour collection will be available starting tomorrow on http://www.butterLONDON.com/. Nail lacquers start at $15.

Tomorrow, I will have two posts up, detailing and reviewing the makeup that I was sent. You don’t want to miss it! What do you think of Inky Six? Let me know in the comments!

Hello, I’m New Here

After inundating my facebook friends and irl friends with my swatches of nail polish, and frankly scaring them a bit with my obsession, I decided to make a blog where I can swatch and share and generally be excited about nail polish to my heart’s content.

The name of my blog came in a flash of inspiration one night as I was reading another blogger’s troubles over some drama. As I was reading (a frankly ridiculous argument over nothing), I had a thought – “Why can’t we just be happy and buy nail polish?!” AHA – the blog was born.

I realize that buying nail polish isn’t going to solve the world’s problems. But – it makes me happy, and it makes me smile, and for a person like me who isn’t artsy-craftsy (but has always wished I was!), nail polish and nail art is one place where I can be proud of something I’ve accomplished.

Now, I’m relatively new to the nail polish/nail art world, and so my polish pictures and manicures won’t be as great as so many that I’ve seen. But, I keep practicing, because I know that practice makes perfect – and this is one area where practicing doesn’t make me frustrated.

I won’t be delving in too deeply with my personal life, but I will say that I’m married with two children. My favorite polish brands are probably OPI and essie and Sinful Colors, but I want to start trying out some indie brands (I’ve made my first order with I Love Nail Polish!).

What will you see on this blog? Nail swatches – duh. Deals if I find them. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Beauty box reviews, sometimes. Giveaways, hopefully!

I hope you’ll stick around and see how I progress in nail polish and nail art. So….be happy and buy some polish! ~Jessica