Squishy Stamper Manicure with Tonic Polish, KBShimmer, Shleee Polish, Polish ‘M

Gift buttonPolishes used:
Shleee Polish Thomasin, 1 coat as base [gift]
KBShimmer I Cat Even
Tonic Polish Hot to Trot
Polish ‘M Majestic Meadows
1 coat QDTC

stamper squishy manicure with shleee polish thomasin, kbshimmer i cat even, tonic polish hot to trot, polish 'm majestic meadows | Be Happy And Buy Polish
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Polka Dot Rose nail art manicure with CrowsToes, Blackheart Beauty, Moonflower Polish, L.A. Colors

Gift buttonPolishes used:
Blackheart Beauty Cursed, 1 coat as base
CrowsToes Nail Color Hurt me Once, and I’ll Kill you Twice [gift]
Blackheart Beauty Mint Pastel,
Moonflower Polish Electric Slime
L.A. Colors Color Craze Energy Source (white) and Circuits (black)

polka dot rose nail art manicure with moonflower polish, crowstoes nail color, hot topic blackheart beauty | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I was so proud of these nails because my husband looked at them and said, “Wow, those decals look nice!”; I replied, “These are freehand!”
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Diagonal Stripe Thermal Nail Art Manicure with Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty and Polish ‘M

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Blackheart Beauty Liquid Crystals Sapphire, 2 coats. Wow, this has a fiddly formula! I mean you kind of expect it with this type of finish but geesh.
Polish ‘M Chilly Willy, 3 thin coats. Beautiful formula and application.
1 coat of QDTC

diagonal stripe thermal manicure with polish 'm and hot topic blackheart beauty liquid crystals | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Some days I feel so old, like I should be 90 and yelling at people to get off my lawn while feeding my 30 cats. :/

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Glitter Gradient Manicure with CrowsToes Nail Color and Max Factor

Gift buttonPolishes used:
CrowsToes Nail Color multichrome glitter prototype [gift]
Max Factor Amethyst, 2 coats [gift]
1 coat of QDTC

glitter gradient with crowstoes nail color and max factor glossfinity | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Both of these lovely polishes were gifts from nailluminati. She sent me a few polishes and a super lovely note that made me cry after she heard about my polishes being stolen.
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Blacklight White and Pink Gradient nail art manicure with Supernatural Lacquer, L.A. Colors, POP Polish

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
LA Colors Glows Energy,
POP Polish Radioactive Glass [press sample]
LA Colors Jelly Sheer Kiss,
Supernatural Lacquer Mercury in Retrograde [April 2018 Polish Pickup Pack]

border manicure with supernatural lacquer mercury in retrograde, la colors jelly sheer kiss, la colors glows energy | Be Happy And Buy Polish

supernatural lacquer mercury in retrograde, la colors jelly sheer kiss, la colors glows energy border mani | Be Happy And Buy Polish

la colors jelly sheer kiss, la colors glows energy, supernatural lacquer mercury in retrograde border mani | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I was inspired by this manicure on instagram, though obviously I deviated a bit. 😉
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