Diagonal matte manicure with Tonic Polish Dragon Parade, Sinful Colors Black on Black

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Sinful Colors Black on Black, 1 coat as base
Tonic Polish Dragon Parade
1 coat of matte top coat

Funny story, I was trying to take pictures of this manicure in the sunlight and my cat would not move her butt out of the way – so yup, there’s a cat paw in the next picture. 😛 Also, this is back in March when Montana winter was wreaking havoc on my nails and I couldn’t grow them out worth s***!

New to Me: POP Polish Slicks

Purchased by Me buttonIt’s been a long time coming and I was able to finally buy myself more P.O.P Polish slicks. I thought I’d show off bottle shots of the new polishes I grabbed a few weeks ago. Don’t forget to check out manis with other POP Polishes by looking through my blog!

From left to right: Celery Slick, Dragon Slick, LipSlick, MatchSlick, Rebirth of Slick, Slick Like That Continue reading

Matte sweater manicure with Zoya Polish Joni, Stella Chroma I Suspect Nargles

Gift buttonPolishes used:
Zoya Polish Joni, 3 thin coats
Stella Chroma I Suspect Nargles, 3 thin coats (February 2019 Polish Pickup Pack)

This is a manicure from a long while back (hi, I’ve taken two weeks off from blogging, I’m behind). These two polishes worked just so right together, and the design worked beautifully on my (then) shorties.

I’m trying so hard to get photos edited and posts written and I should have another post for you this week with more Sally Hansen products – and a post featuring POC/WOC blogger Melissa Lopez. Please check back soon!

Glow in the Dark Confetti Manicure with Tonic Polish Snow Glowbe and Sinful Colors Black on Black

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Tonic Polish Snow Glowbe, 3 coats
Sinful Colors Black on Black
1 coat of QDTC

It’s almost the end of April, school is going to be wrapping up soon and I’m not ready! Don’t get me wrong, I love summertime but at the same time I’m not a fan. Kids expect project after project and it’s freaking wearing on the soul.

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String Painting Nail Art Manicure with Necessary Evil Polish and L.A. Colors

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
1 coat of L.A. Colors Circuits as a base
L.A. Colors Brights Tart (yellow)
L.A. Colors Brights Juicy (pink)
L.A. Colors Brights Mellow (teal blue)
L.A. Colors Brights Fresh (grass green)
Necessary Evil Polish Poltergeist Shart, 1 coat
1 coat of QDTC

string painting nail art manicure with L.A. Colors and Necessary Evil Polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Okay, I know I said it was Sally Hansen week, but this is my current manicure and I’m totally in love with how it turned out and had to share it right away. I’ve been obsessed by how string painting is done and wondered if it could be done on nails, and if so, how! If you haven’t seen a video of string painting, check that out first and come back.
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