Hey strangers…here’s where I’ve been

Hey everyone! I know it has been over a year since my last post. So much has happened!

-I lost my will/the heart to blog on a regular basis. It seemed like stats were tanking, and I hated that I was placing so much importance on what my stats were; losing my joy in showing off polishes and makeup looks in the process.

-Last year I was pregnant with child 5, and when you’re pregnant and you already have kids…well, life is exhausting. 😴 There was just no time to blog regularly!

-The computer I had just kept getting slower and slower until it was almost impossible to use. Added into the mix was that my external hard drive was killed (thanks children) and I still can’t recover all the photos I had. Also my camera performance was getting worse and worse. All of that added up to a disheartened me.

So, I started microblogging on instagram and slowly the joy I had when I started this blog has come back. I’ve been posting when I want, and how I want, and trying to drill into my head “Comparison is the thief of joy” *thanks Nichole*. I’ve stopped being so concerned about how my photos look, and being obsessed about taking “the perfect picture”. I’m sharing more about me than just my nails and my makeup.

Now I’m getting into Instagram Reels (I never did get into the tickity-tok) and even though it is frustrating at times, it’s also something I’m enjoying!

I’m hoping to get back to actual blogging because let’s face it, an actual blog has lasting power that microblogging doesn’t have. I do feel there is still value in blogging and I hope that when I get back to regular posting, you’ll be here along for the ride.

Peace to you, and be well!

Pretty Jelly Arctic Frost Flowers [June 2019 Polish Pickup Pack] swatches + review

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Pretty Jelly Arctic Frost Flowers [June 2019 Polish Pickup Pack], 3 thin coats
1 coat of matte top coat
1 coat of QDTC

Hello all! I know it’s been quiet around here but due to familial issues, end of school, and business stuff, I’m wiped out! But as always, there is polish to make things better. Today I have swatches of the upcoming Arctic Frost Flowers from Pretty Jelly to show you. This polish will be available this coming weekend, June 7-10, for $12 and I believe no cap.

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KBShimmer That’s Smore Like It with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Matte Gold Rush scroll thermal manicure

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
KBShimmer That’s Smore Like It, 3 thin coats
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Matte Gold Rush [previously swatched]
1 coat of QDTC

I recently bought the whole tri-thermal collection from KBShimmer and I’ve been obsessed with using them in fun ways. This was the first one I used because ever since I saw swatches, That’s Smore Like It was the one that jumped out first at me.

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Hypnotic Swirls Pedicure with Tonic Polish Glowy Joey and Passion Fruit

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Tonic Polish Glowy Joey, 2 coats as a base
Tonic Polish Passion Fruit

Hey everyone, it’s been a very stressful week. My external hard drive literally crashed – or rather, was crashed by one of my toddlers; I bought a new one but I don’t know how/can’t figure out to transfer information from the crashed one to the new one; next week is the last week of school; and a family member is missing. I haven’t been sleeping or eating. Oh, did I mention that because of the hard drive crash, all my files and pictures of nail swatches and nail art – are just gone? Yeah. I kind of want to cry.

At any rate, I’ve been changing my nails almost daily because it helps with the stress, even if I really like my nails. One thing that I haven’t done is re-do my pedicure. I’m hiding it after the jump if you don’t like feet.
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DRK Nails Gruum Gruum magnetic nail polish swatches + review

Gift buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
3 thin coats of DRK Nails Gruum Gruum [August 2018 HHC]
1 coat of QDTC

This is an insane magnetic polish. I know it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles (flakies, holo, etc) but the magnetic properties of this are just out of this world. I did have to shake it quite a bit to get the magnetic bits all mixed up, but once I did…ooohhhhweeeeee!

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Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Navy Glitter Stargazer, Purple Stargazer, Star Blue Silver Meteor Shower nail polish swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Navy Glitter Stargazer, 2 coats
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Purple Stargazer, 1 coat
Hot Topic Blackheart Beauty Star Blue Silver Meteor Shower, 1 coat

Navy Glitter Stargazer
This dries fairly gritty, but it’s pretty.

Purple Stargazer over Sinful Colors Show & Teal
No comments, other than it’s nice coverage.

Star Blue Silver Meteor Shower over Sinful Colors Blue Me Away
The glitter on this is sparse! I had to place that one star you see. It’s a shame. :/

Diagonal matte manicure with Tonic Polish Dragon Parade, Sinful Colors Black on Black

Purchased by Me buttonPolishes used:
Sinful Colors Black on Black, 1 coat as base
Tonic Polish Dragon Parade
1 coat of matte top coat

Funny story, I was trying to take pictures of this manicure in the sunlight and my cat would not move her butt out of the way – so yup, there’s a cat paw in the next picture. 😛 Also, this is back in March when Montana winter was wreaking havoc on my nails and I couldn’t grow them out worth s***!