Pretty Jelly Arctic Frost Flowers [June 2019 Polish Pickup Pack] swatches + review

Press Sample buttonPolishes used:
1 coat of base coat
Pretty Jelly Arctic Frost Flowers [June 2019 Polish Pickup Pack], 3 thin coats
1 coat of matte top coat
1 coat of QDTC

Hello all! I know it’s been quiet around here but due to familial issues, end of school, and business stuff, I’m wiped out! But as always, there is polish to make things better. Today I have swatches of the upcoming Arctic Frost Flowers from Pretty Jelly to show you. This polish will be available this coming weekend, June 7-10, for $12 and I believe no cap.

Arctic Frost Flowers is described as an “ocean blue jelly with holo, pink iridescent, and gold flakies; pink shimmer; and satin white star and hex glitter”. In person, this was a touch more green than my photos show; sometimes it’s hard to capture polishes that are that ocean blue color – which depending on lighting can seem more blue or more green. The pink shimmer really comes into its own when in sunlight!

I had no trouble with getting the star or hex glitters out – though when I received the polish, I did stick it upside down because of settling from shipping. I did find for complete smoothness that a matte top coat, then QDTC, was best.

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