Tonic Polish Dorothy 2017 swatch and review + Hi, I’m Back!

Polishes used:
Tonic Polish Dorothy 2017, 2 coats and no top coat [previously used in this magnetic veil nail art]. Wonderful formula and just drop dead sexy!

Tonic Polish Dorothy 2017 | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Hi everyone! I’ve missed you so much. I’ve missed blogging but priorities have taken over. We moved into our new house on July 1 and my life has been amok ever since. Packing and unpacking and buying new furnishings and continuing work on our basement…plus panic attacks and anxiety. It’s been nutty. I didn’t leave my house for 4 days this week because the thought of doing so filled me with so much gut-churning.

Tonic Polish Dorothy 2017 macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Tonic Polish Dorothy 2017 close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Anyway, I’m going to be trying hard get back on the blogging train, I do miss writing and sharing my life with you, dear reader. I hope you’ll forgive my absence! I have been painting my very short nails in the interim (moving is hell on nails, yo!), and I have much to share with you. All the best and see you soon!

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