Pedicure with KBShimmer + Bad Bitch Polish

Press Sample buttonHi everyone! Earlier I showed you the Game of Thrones inspired collection by Bad Bitch Polish called the Wheel of Power collection. Within that collection was the polish Little Bird, which I decided to use in a pedicure with some KBShimmer water slide decals. If you don’t like feet, then read no further!

Bad Bitch Polish Little Bird bottle shot | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So on my big toe and second toe I started with a coat of OPI Alpine Snow to really get the decals to pop.

pedicure KBShimmer water slide plaid and polka dot decals, Bad Bitch Polish Little Bird | Be Happy And Buy Polish

On the other toes I used Little Bird. It’s funny how in some lights Little Bird looked so red, but in other lights it definitely looked more orange.

Last, I added a gold stud from one of the gem packages I’d ordered from Crystal Parade. I really should do a full review on Crystal Parade soon… hmmmm. I’ll put it on the to-do list that’s about a million miles long at this point. LOL.

In retrospect, this seems like a fall pedicure but I don’t care, I like it anyway! What do you think?

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