OPI Samoan Sand + Make Light of the Situation layered manicure

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! Happy Saturday to you 🙂 I’m skating in late in the week with the OPI Mad Love color of the week which is nude/neutral this week. In this week’s life update, I also want to talk about an upsetting situation that happened to me this week and the importance of being kind.

OPI Samoan Sand | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with 2 coats and no top coat of OPI Samoan Sand. This is fairly sheer, but does self-level nicely.

OPI Make Light of the Situation over Samoan Sand | Be Happy And Buy Polish

OPI Make Light of the Situation over Samoan Sand macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wanted to do a jelly sandwich with Samoan Sand and a glitter so I added 1 coat plus top coat of OPI Make Light of the Situation. This is a sheer glitter, but with good coverage so I think it could build up to opacity – though I didn’t try. As I said I wanted to do a jelly sandwich but it turned out that Samoan Sand isn’t quite sheer enough for that!

Life Update

As I said, earlier this week I had an upsetting situation happen where an earlier makeup look of mine was posted on an internet message board with really unkind comments about how I did my makeup – in particular my eyebrows. Now, anyone knows me knows that I’m really self-conscious of my eyebrows since I have to spend a buttload of time filling them in (even when I get them dyed) and so to have people saying harsh things about them really hit me hard. I can (try to) take constructive criticism when I know it’s from a place of love & concern, but outright nastiness I don’t understand. There were people who said kind things & were defending me, which I really appreciate.

I’m not a professional makeup artist, I do my makeup for fun and I think it’s helpful to show makeup and review makeup on my blog. Especially since I get to do my makeup maybe once or twice a week, I really treasure that time because it’s “me” time – not me as a wife, or a mother, (or a food factory since I’m nursing!), or a daughter, or a friend – but just time I get to spoil myself.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried when I read what some people were saying about me – about my face! I’m a human being with vulnerabilities and frailties (and spots that hurt especially when you make fun of them), and I’m okay with crying because I was wounded. But then I got angry because if I read these things about a friend, I’d be angry and running to get the pitchforks on their behalf. When it came to myself though, it made me doubt myself and honestly, never want to show makeup looks ever again on this blog or in public even. You know what though? If you don’t like my face – or my makeup looks? Just keep scrolling or bypass my blog altogether. Because I’m going to keep reviewing makeup from a non-professional point of view. 😉

It costs nothing to be kind to one another. Every blogger out there is being vulnerable to their readers, putting themselves out there even though they know they might be made fun of or derided. Say something kind to a blogger someone today – a simple compliment will make them feel amazing and make you feel amazing too.

If you’ve read this far, then I’d love for you to share the last time you were complimented and how it made you feel. Let’s share some good things happening in our lives. 🙂

6 thoughts on “OPI Samoan Sand + Make Light of the Situation layered manicure

  1. I’m so sorry people said mean things about you like that. The internet really can bring out the worst in people sometimes. 😦 I personally love seeing your makeup looks, because I am faaar from being a pro myself and I like being able to recreate some of them without having to watch an overly complicated tutorial 😉 So good for you for not giving in to the jerks, and keep enjoying yourself! Oh, and last time I was complimented…my friend complimented my look a couple of days ago. She especially liked my combo of a nude lip liner under a frosty gold lipstick. We like shiny things 😛

  2. I recently discovered this blog, and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been searching for a way to do my nails that will match my dress for some event that I’m going to, and this will be perfect. I’ve also looked at some of your most recent nail designs, and they look amazing. Keep up the great work 🙂

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