The weekend I went crazy buying Sinful Colors nail polishes

Purchased by Me buttonHi everyone! So this past weekend I went on a nail polish hunt for the newest Sinful Colors collections: Spring Fever, Luck of the Stylish (St. Patrick’s Day), Kandee Johnson Sugar polishes, Kandee Johnson Vintage Matte polishes (the ones I was missing), Stoned Crystal Shimmer, and the Kandee Johnson Vintage Anime polishes. I also picked up some new (and old) core colors. I won’t have these on the blog this week (hopefully starting next week!) but I thought I’d share bottle shots of what I picked up!

Sinful Colors Spring Fever nail polish collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is the Spring Fever collection. From left to right: 2213 Vibrant Vida, 2214 Besos for Pesos, 2216 Let’s Playa, 2211 Havana Great Time, 2215 Fool for Azul. (All of these are straight cremes.) I can’t pick a favorite, but I’m really loving the whole color palette. In the Sinfully Polished Nails group, we are thinking that there might be more additions because as you see, 2212 is missing from the line-up! And yes there is – it’s called Rojo Your Boat. I’m on the lookout!

Sinful Colors Luck of the Stylish nail polish collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is the Luck of the Stylish collection [swatched & reviewed]. From left to right: 2204 Works Like a Charm, 2205 Queen of Green, 2008 Gilded Goddess. Not pictured is 2206 I’m Clover It (glitter). I really love how Works Like a Charm looks – it has a gold shimmer to it that compliments the base color very well. Gilded Goddess is not new, but I didn’t already have it, so I picked it up.

Sinful Colors Soul Mate, Jade Kat, So Daupe!, Deep End nail polish core collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I picked up three new polishes from the core collection and one old one. From left to right: 945 Soul Mate, 2196 Jade Kat, 2198 So Daupe!, 2199 Deep End. I know Soul Mate is an older core color, but it just looked so pretty I had to have it! Jade Kat is not as blue as pictured, it is more green IRL. So Daupe! is a straight creme, and Deep End has a green shimmer.

Sinful Colors Be Your Selfie nail polish collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I found these three on clearance, they are from the Be YourSelfie collection. From left to right: 2019 Cool Credit, 2020 Clad in Plaid, 2022 Rock the Bow. Hey, I can’t pass up 49 cent polishes! (All three are straight cremes.)

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Mint Sugar, Pink Sugar nail polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Now Kandee Johnson polishes! These two are the “sugar” aka textures: 2274 Mint Sugar, 2277 Pink Sugar [swatched & reviewed]. I enjoyed Pink Velvet textured polished (previously reviewed), and I hope I’ll enjoy these two as well.

Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson Vintage Matte Peaches N' Cream, Licorice, Cherry on Top nail polish | Be Happy And Buy Polish

These three are from the Vintage Matte collection: 2273 Peaches N’ Cream, 2275 Licorice, 2276 Cherry on Top. Both Peaches N’ Cream and Cherry on Top have a beautiful gold shimmer in the bottle. Licorice is absolutely stunning in the bottle with gold, red, and green shimmer!

Sinful Colors Vintage Anime Kandee Johnson nail polish collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is almost the full Vintage Anime collection [swatched & reviewed here]. Front row: 2254 Pinksicle, 2261 Dripping in Pearls, 2262 Kiss Goodnight, 2257 Flip Tease, 2258 Mermaid Tail (comparison post to Kameleon). Back row: 2265 Rock Kandee, 2259 Digital Dreams, 2264 Kandee Pink, 2263 Urban Magic, 2256 Heart of Gold, 2255 Blueberry Hot Rod. (I did not pick up 2260 Spoonful of Sugar.)

Sinful Colors Stoned Crystal Shimmers nail polish collection | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Lastly, I picked up the 8-piece Stoned Crystal Shimmer collection. Front row: 2217 Better Sedona-Ed, 2218 Just Deserts, 2219 Tealing Power, 2220 Namaste the Night. Back row: 2221 Clay Me, 2222 Desert Reign, 2223 Thera-Pewter, 2224 Gotta Terra Cotta. Each bottle has silvery flecks in it. I’m most excited for Just Deserts and Thera-Pewter but we will see what other ones I love! Edit: this is a 9 piece collection, which includes Super Cooper.

Well, I think I did enough damage to my wallet with what I bought – are any of these exciting you? P.S. What do you think of my fun holographic background? I found this gift bag laying around my house and decided to re-appropriate it. 😛

15 thoughts on “The weekend I went crazy buying Sinful Colors nail polishes

  1. I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Sinful has been on fire lately – I also just bought a bunch online because unfortunately there are no drugstores in my town. I really want those Stoned Crystals!

  2. Sinful Colors are so affordable, and the formula are so good, you can’t go wrong with these!
    From your haul, I love the look of So Daupe!, Works Like a Charm, and Cool Credit. I didn’t know that Kandee Johnson did a collection with Sinful Colors – neat!

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  4. Hi. Your Spring Fever collection is mislabeled. I own Havana Great Time (4th from left) and Let’s Playa (3rd from left). I only point this out because I am curious as to the other three polishes. I can’t believe Sinful Colors doesn’t even list this collection on its site- someone has dropped the ball! Thanks for the help!

  5. I really love that purple one, Namaste the Night. Strange name but it’s beautiful and I want it. Checked their website and this collection isn’t even there! I don’t get it. Hope these aren’t hard to find.

  6. I am desperate to find the full stoned collection. Does anyone out there have an extra Namaste the Night, Super Cooper, Gotta Terra Cotta, Clay Me or Better Sedona-ed they are looking to sell??

    • I saw the entire collection in Harmon’s about a month ago. I picked up Namaste the Night. Then I went back for Gotta Terracotta about a week later and the collection was still there. Don’t tell me they got rid of them already, that would be a shame. Unless they sold them all out and it’s limited edition. If there’s no Harmon or Walgreens nearby or they’re all gone for good, maybe you could try eBay? Someone might be selling the entire collection there.

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