LipSense Sheer Berry photos + review

Press Sample buttonHappy Sunday everyone! Today I have a different kind of review for you for LipSense, smudge-proof and wear-proof lipstick set. My friend Anne over at Betty’s Beauty Bombs, sent me LipSense in Sheer Berry and a Glossy Gloss in clear. Anne’s video of trying to rub off her LipSense cracked me up (hey, I’m easily amused!) and when she was looking for bloggers to try out LipSense and share with their readers, I jumped at the chance.

LipSense in Sheer Berry, Glossy Gloss | Be Happy And Buy Polish

First impressions of packaging: This may be a minor quibble, I realize. But the packaging feels kind of cheap. These are expensive lip products and I guess I expected a bit more…oomph?

LipSense Sheer Berry doefoot applicator | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I love doe-foot applicators, so this is a win for me! I was worried a bit about the “sticky” factor of the glossy step because I *loathe* lip glosses usually. As in, I avoid like the plague. But weirdly, this gloss isn’t sticky, just super shiny (my toddler was super distracted by my shiny lips!).

LipSense Sheer Berry ingredients | Be Happy And Buy Polish

LipSense Glossy Gloss ingredients | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Ingredients for both Sheer Berry and the Glossy Gloss (click to enlarge).

makeup with Urban Decay and LipSense | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Anne included an instruction card for me (which I promptly lost because kids). But it basically says to start with clean, dry lips. (I had exfoliated my lips prior to application, so I didn’t have any flaking of the product.) Then to swipe from corner to corner once on upper & lower lips (do NOT go back and forth – you’ll see why when you see my up-close photos!), then let dry for 5 seconds before applying the next coat.

I did find that upon application there was an almost tingling sensation on my lips. I’m not sure what that is due to, I do have sensitive skin anyway. It did not last long – maybe 2 seconds? – before it went away.

LipSense Sheer Berry | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I did find that at least in this color, Sheer Berry, that the online lip swatches are accurate. Sheer Berry has a golden shimmer in normal/low light.

LipSense Sheer Berry sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

In sunlight, it has an almost green-golden shimmer to it – yes it sounds weird but it looks beautiful. You’ll notice though that my habit of going back & forth with normal lipsticks bit me in the ass here because you can see how patchy my application was. This isn’t a slam against the product, but more of a “be aware of” note from me.  Next time I use this, I’m going to try not to do that again.

Wear time: I ate, I drank, I kissed my husband and this.did.not.move. Even hubby was impressed. I didn’t find the product to be drying, but I did re-apply the gloss at least 2 times throughout my day. I’ve certainly used matte lip glosses/lipsticks that were more drying.

I didn’t get pictures of the end of my day (sorry!). But suffice to say, they’re not kidding about the wear time! When I went to take my makeup off, I tried (in this order): baby wipes, baby oil, and micellar water. Though most of it was off by the end, I still had a bit left on the center of my lower lip. Believe me when I say that this stuff ain’t going anywhere!

Would I buy this on my own? Uhhh yeah, you better believe it. (In fact, I’m trying to narrow down which one I’m going to buy next!) Yes, I know it’s expensive. But if you’re someone who likes to wear lipsticks but not constantly re-apply, then this might be something you want to look into. Or if you’re a mom (like me) who has a toddler in/on your face for most of the day (like me) who would like to not have lipstick transferred from your face to your toddler’s hands to your outfits (like me), I definitely recommend this.

Glosses are $20, colors are $25, and Oops Remover is $10. (You’re going to want that remover, believe me!) You can see all the available colors for purchase over at Betty’s Beauty Bombs. You can join Anne’s fb group for upcoming releases, deals, and purchase info.

If you’d like to host an online party, you can email Anne at Hosts get a free lipcolor when sales tip over $300 and they also get discounts off their orders. Anne takes care of the whole party – you just need to invite your FB friends and family who would be interested.

Urban Decay Cake, Lily, Underhand, Fast Ball eyeshadow look | Be Happy And Buy Polish

eyeshadow look with Urban Decay Cake, Lily, Underhand, Fast Ball | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Details on the eyeshadows I used in this look:
-base of a pale pink eyeshadow
-crease and outer corner is Urban Decay Underhand
-lid is Urban Decay Cake
-browbone is Urban Decay Lily
-inner corner is Urban Decay Fast Ball
I also dusted a bit of Fast Ball over Cake.

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