Memories of Mom: The Hoarding of Almond Roca

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Today is a bittersweet day for me, as my mom died 5 years ago. I’ve been wanting to get a bit more personal – a little off-topic here and there. After all, it’s my blog, right? So I decided that I’d start with sharing memories of my mom. What a better way to do this than Mother’s Day! (I’ve written about my mom before, if you’re inclined to sit and read awhile.)


We weren’t well off when I was a kid, and my mom had a knack for budgeting pretty dang tightly. (She just had a head for numbers – which I sadly did not inherit.) In other words, no money for extras.  But as far back as I can remember, every year my dad would gift my mom a big container of Almond Roca. (Okay, maybe it just seemed huge because I was a child.)

Almond Roca can | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I can’t remember if it was for Christmas, or her birthday, or what occasion he’d buy it for her. But she never bought it for herself. I remember we’d all beg for a piece when she opened up her present, but it was all for her.

She’d have one piece when he bought it for her and then the can would get tucked away in her bedroom. She would hoard that can all year long, savoring each piece when she had one. I don’t know if she’d have one after a long trying day of children or just because. I’ll be honest, as a teenager, sometimes I snuck into her room and stole a piece just because it gave me comfort when I was having a rough day.

Peace Rose and Almond Roca pieces | Be Happy And Buy Polish

But every once in awhile, if she was feeling particularly generous, she’d give me a piece to have. Unwrapping it was a delight in and of itself – opening the gold foil to reveal that nutty, yummy goodness inside. And smelling it? Mmmmmm. Taking each bite slowly, hearing the crunch of every bite, and not wanting it to end.

Sometimes she’d reuse the cans to wrap Christmas presents in, and it was almost a disappointment to realize there was something else in the can other than Almond Roca. 😛

Almond Roca pieces | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Now when I want to treat myself, I have my husband pick up a can of Almond Roca. Which is funny because he has memories of his grandma hoarding cans of Almond Roca! When he buys me a can, he tries to steal some, but I end up hiding it too. 😉

There will be future installments of Memories of Mom coming soon to my blog, so I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.


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