Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 + Gloomy Kitty swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonGood evening everyone! I meant to have a post up earlier today, but I’ll be honest – it really was a crappy day. I’ve been fighting anxiety all day – sat down to paint my nails during the baby’s nap time this morning and that helped a bit; then had a panic attack while I was picking up my kids. (Not fun, at all.) At any rate, some days are good and some days are bad, and today just happened to be not great. But I really wanted to share some polish with you – two really great creme polishes from Pretty Serious Cosmetics.

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 | Be Happy And Buy Polish

The first is Type 40, based on the BBC-approved Pantone color for the TARDIS. Yeah, I’m in love with this polish. It’s a OCW *one coat wonder* and my notes remind me that I thought this was “flawless”! [My photo shows it slightly brighter than it is IRL.]

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Gloomy Kitty | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Gloomy Kitty is a gorgeous vampy wine creme polish and this is 2 coats and no top coat. (You might remember this from my Easter manicure.)

Both of these are still available at the Pretty Serious Cosmetics store, and I highly recommend them both. Now that I’ve tried the PSC cremes, I’ll be purchasing more.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to a good weekend. I’m hoping for no more panic attacks, so I’ll be laying low. 🙂 All the best to you!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Serious Cosmetics Type 40 + Gloomy Kitty swatches + review

  1. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. I hope you are feeling better & please know that you are not alone. I paint my nails as stress relief as well! 💗 beautiful swatches! I definitely want to add some pretty serious to my collection.

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