Ellison’s Organics Path to Greytness nail polish swatch + review

Press Sample buttonGood morning everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic week. 🙂 Today I have an absolutely lovely creme polish from Ellison’s Organics called Path to Greytness (I adore punny names!). When I first got this in the mail, my daughter picked it up and was like, “Mom, I dunno about this.” Then when I put it on, we were both “Ooohhhh, this is nice.” LOL! 😀

Ellison's Organics Path to Greytness | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Ellison's Organics Path to Greytness macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Path to Greytness is a beautifully mysterious and stormy grey creme polish. This is almost a OCW (one coat wonder) for me; I’m sure if you were not taking photos of your nails and/or had shorter nails, you could do one coat. Formula was pretty good, a little on the thin (runny) side for me.

Carleigh, the maker of Ellison’s Organics, is developing a new line of cremes for her shop and if the rest of them are like this, I’m hooked! Roselynn over at Manicured & Marvelous stamped with this, and it looks like it stamps beautifully.

Ellison's Organics nail file | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Carleigh also sent me a nail file to review. First I have to say that I really am pleased with how it looks – the logo is sandblasted on instead of printed (less likely to rub off too!), and the green gradient is very striking.

Ellison's Organics nail file close up | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is a crystal glass nail file, which really is the best for nails in my opinion. It seems like one side is smoother than the other, so if you really need to “go to town” on filing down your nails, that side will work great! I enjoy using this file – but the grit is a little more than I’m used to so I took off a bit more than I meant to! LOL 🙂

Don’t forget that I have a prize from EO as part of my giveaway – the Mani Defense Liquid Latex Shield and a nail file – and she’ll be featured in my snapchat sometime this month with a percentage off code. Be sure to follow me there: username bhappybuypolish. I’d love to know what you think of this beautiful polish and the nail file, so holler at me!


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