Sinful Colors Prosecco nail polish swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonMorning everyone! I hope you had a great “extra” day yesterday. Did you do anything fun or exciting? Nothing exciting for me, I cleaned my office up – I’m prepping part of my office to become my nail area. I can’t wait! For today’s polish I’m showing you Sinful Colors Prosecco – does it live up to the hype?

Sinful Colors Prosecco | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Prosecco has been talked about a lot in the polish community since it was released but I was never interested in seeking it out. I did end up finding it awhile back and picked it up.

Sinful Colors Prosecco macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

What was surprising to me was the slight purple tone this had to it in the beige base. Plus the shimmer is fantastic! I ended up using 2 coats plus top coat, though it was already shiny on its own and didn’t need the top coat.

So, for me, the hype is definitely worth it! Have you picked this up yet? What has been your impression?


9 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Prosecco nail polish swatch + review

  1. Oh! I got this in a destash for free. It was sitting all by its lonesome. I’ve never swatched it, but I seeing your awesome pics I must. do. it. now.

  2. This polish is amazing! I finally was able to pick it up in my local Walmart. While I was hoping I would not like any of the new Kylie polishes, there are several that are variations on this and I will probably end up tracking them down >.<

  3. I love this polish. I worried it would be an Et Tu Brute but it’s stunning! It doesn’t quite make up for my stupidity destashing CG Dress Me Up, but it’s close! It had a great formula, and that shimmer is not camera shy.

  4. I picked this up last year when it was a HTF and bought 2 bottles. I love the color in the bottle and the shimmers do translate well on the nail. This is sooo pretty, but sadly it doesn’t look good on me. For anyone looking for this, SinfulShine has a new display at Walgreen’s (I saw it last weekend) and Prosecco is right there looking like it might be a core color! If it isn’t, then grab it while it’s out again.

  5. I was never able to find Prosecco in my area. Even though I kinda want it, at this point, I’m almost being a rebel against trying to find it. LOL. Then I see pictures like yours and want to go searching again!

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  7. This is my signature polish! I dont want or need any other color just give me my Sinful Prosecco and I am good to go!

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