Formula X Infinite nail polish swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning lacquer lovers! I hope you had a good weekend. It was a rough one here, baby boy is teething two teeth (besides having just having 2 other ones break through last week), so lots of no sleeping and lots of crankiness here. But I do have a gorgeous $5 polish to show you: Formula X Infinite.

Formula X Infinite 3-finger pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Formula X Infinite | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Infinite is this beautiful aubergine color, I couldn’t believe it when I used it. I was going to do nail art on top, but I couldn’t bear to. This is 2 thin coats plus top coat. Formula was a little runny, but my oh my, is it lovely!

I know that this shows as $10.50 online, but I did pick it up (not on sale) at Sephora inside JcP for $5. And now…I’ll be honest, I’m going back to bed because I’m so tired – I hope you have a good rest of your day. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Formula X Infinite nail polish swatch + review

  1. Very pretty love IT. I DON’T remember who it was that suggested to me to use a glitter paper because I was having a hard time with the nail polish and taken it off. But do u have any suggesting on it?

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