Ellison’s Organics Limited Edition Mani Defender Liquid Latex Shield review

Press Sample buttonHey all! I have a fun post for you this afternoon with Ellison’s Organics Limited Edition Mani Defender liquid latex shield. Some of you may know that the original Mani Defender is my absolute favorite when it comes to liquid latex products (have you seen my crazy splatter nail art that I created with the help of the Mani Defender?). When the maker of Ellison’s Organics mentioned that she came out with a limited edition color for Valentine’s Day, I jumped at the chance to review it.

Ellison's Organics Mani Defense Liquid Latex Shield Pink LE | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wanted to create some different kind of nail art with this limited edition Mani Defender. I know that you can use it in gradients, in watermarbles, and in totally messy nail art like my splatter mani. But can you use it to create actual art? I started off with Formula X Infinite (review and swatches coming soon), then I used the Mani Defender and a dotting tool to make hearts, xo, and a gradient. I painted over those shapes with Formula X Aphrodite (purple silver holo), and Formula X Indelible (purple creme).

Formula X Valentine's nail art skittlette | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So it can work! A few things I learned: don’t paint entirely over the latex, otherwise your tweezers (or whatever you’re using), will have a hard time grabbing the latex to pull off. Also make sure you “paint” the latex onto your nail not too thickly.

BUT I’m excited that this actually worked! I’m totally going to practice this more. What do you think?? You can pick up this limited edition Mani Defender at Ellison’s Organics shop (listed under nail care) for $6.75. P.S. Ellison’s Organics now has a Facebook fan group where you can get sneak peeks of upcoming collections, win prizes, and more. Come join the fun!


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