Potion Polish Wish Basket swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonHello lacquerists! (Is that a word, even? I dunno, I’m going with it!) Today I have another Potion Polish to show you: Wish Basket.

Potion Polish Wish Basket 3-finger pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Potion Polish Wish Basket macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Wish Basket is described as a “dark blurple jelly filled with green to blue chameleon flakies and blue to violet shifting shimmer.”

Potion Polish Wish Basket side pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Formula on this was a little thick, and got thicker as I used it. Unfortunately, the neck of the bottle I received was crusty. :/

As of this writing, PotionPolish.com is still open, though Wish Basket is sold out. I’ve been continuing to pick up polishes as my wallet allows though but I really like the variety of colors and finishes they offer. Have you purchased from them yet?


3 thoughts on “Potion Polish Wish Basket swatch + review

  1. Very pretty polish, but when a maker sends out product and the neck is all crusty, well that shows me that the maker is not up to snuff. I won’t purchase.

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