Sinful Colors Love Bombs nail polish swatch + review

Purchased by Me buttonAfternoon all! I picked up this glitter bomb polish from SinfulColors called Love Bombs awhile back and I have it to show you today. Read on to see what I thought!

Sinful Colors Love Bombs 3-finger pose | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Love Bombs is a lightly tinted purple polish with blue shimmer and hexes of silver, magenta, light pink, and blue hearts.

Sinful Colors Love Bombs macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is 3 coats plus top coat.

Sinful Colors Love Bombs | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Unfortunately, I could not get a blue heart out. And I tried, ya’ll, I tried. I used all my tricks (short of dumping polish out) to get a blue heart on my nails – heck I would have been happy with one nail!

Otherwise, the formula was good on this, thick but in the kind of thick that just lays the polish down where you want it and doesn’t run all over the dang place.

Have you picked this up? Did you have as much trouble with the heart glitter as I did?


7 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Love Bombs nail polish swatch + review

  1. I bought this today simply because of your post! I had already seen it in person but didn’t think I needed it. Well I was wrong. I’m not worried about the hearts, I love how it looks without them so that’s not a big deal for me. It doesn’t seem like the hearts are even a focus point since you can’t even tell there are hearts when you look at the bottle.

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