Madam Glam Beyond Gorgeous nail polish

Press Sample buttonGood day all! (“I said good day!”) I hope you are having a splendid start to your day. I’m going to show you another great polish from Madam Glam, called Beyond Gorgeous.

Madam Glam Beyond Gorgeous | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Beyond Gorgeous is a super sparkly almost-clear based (it has just a tinge of light green) based micro-glitter nail polish. This is 2 coats with no top coat.

Madam Glam Beyond Gorgeous sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wanted to really love this one, but I just kind of like it. As it is a micro-glitter, it’s going to be kind of textured but I dislike micro-glitters like this as it is hard to get your tips just right without showing free-edge. It would look much better layered though!

You can pick this polish (and others!) up at and don’t forget to use the code “BFbhbp” for 30% off your purchase!



11 thoughts on “Madam Glam Beyond Gorgeous nail polish

  1. Although I completely agree with you on the downsides of microglitters, I do really really like them… As I do this one, it is such a beautiful mix and I love your pics!

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