12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Silver + Gold Glitter

Press Sample buttonGood morning all! Today is the third prompt for the 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art challenge hosted by Challenge Your Nail Art and it’s “silver & gold glitter”. Well, in my super tired state, I missed the glitter part of the prompt!

I could not get that Burl Ives song outta my damn head though, every time I read “silver & gold”, and seeing that dang snowman dance through my mind. You know the one:

And now it’s your head and I’m not suffering alone.

Christmas Plaid stripes nail art | Be Happy And Buy Polish

So I recreated the snowman’s outfit, sort of! I started with 2 polishes from Bohemian Polish’s Adirondack Winter: Boughs of Pine and Snowbound [press samples, both]. I used OPI Black Onyx to create the black plaid stripes, and OPI Love.Angel.Music.Baby to create the gold stripes. On the accent nail, I also used an unnamed Zoya green, and Bohemian Polish A Cardinal in Winter [press sample].

So even though I went off-script (oops!), I still like how it ended up! Let’s see what everyone else did for today:

I’d love to know your thoughts about my manicure today, leave a comment below if you’d like!

7 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge: Silver + Gold Glitter

  1. I juuuuuust rewatched this film with my hubby, and Silver and Gold has been stuck in my head on repeat ever since! Lovely recreation and creative take on the prompt!

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