Sinful Colors Holiday Glitters

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning everyone! I have two glitter polishes from Sinful Colors to show you today: Star Studded and Flake Out. Both are for the “holiday” season but I don’t really pay attention to that jazz.

Sinful Colors Sail La Vie | Be Happy And Buy Polish

First I’d like to show you the polish I started with before I applied Flake Out; this is Sail La Vie. It’s been awhile since I swatched this polish for the blog – it’s still a beauty though. This is 2 coats of Sail La Vie.

Sinful Colors Flake Out over Sail La Vie | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Flake Out is a shimmery sheer base nail polish with blue hexes and iridescent silver snowflakes. I used 1 coat over Sail La Vie, and let me tell you, getting any sort of glitters onto my nails was the biggest pain in the patella EVAH! No bueno.

Sinful Colors Star Studded over Black on Black | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Sinful Colors Star Studded over Black on Black macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Star Studded is a golden shimmery base with silver hexes and silver stars. The application on this was *much* better, it didn’t require near as much fishing as Flake Out – most of those stars you see on the nail came out with the brush! LOL. This is 1 coat over Sinful Colors Black on Black (2 coats of that!).

This is sometimes what frustrates me about SinfulColors – they have such unique polishes but their formula can kinda stink. But when it comes together, boy oh boy, it comes together beautifully!

What about you, do you like to wear seasonally appropriate colors or do you wear whatever, whenever?


20 thoughts on “Sinful Colors Holiday Glitters

  1. Sinful Color, I know, right?
    It just sucks cause they could be so much more popular if they just got it together and did it right. I have this gorgeous orange fleck polish and it is annoying to work with, but looks gorgeous. So you avoid it, due to all the hassle, so you miss out on the looks you could have done, if it was just right.

  2. I bought both, thought I had better luck when swatching Flake Out…other than yeah gotta work for the snowflakes. I’ll use a sponge when it is time to wear this one. I actually pulled out my Sinful Colors collection recently, really some great polishes, especially for the price!

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