Re-Swatch Wednesday: Darling Diva Persephone

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey – oh wait, I’m getting my songs mixed up. Must be the preggo brain. 😉 I have a polish today for you that I haven’t worn in quite some time: Darling Diva Persephone (mortifying swatches at that link).

Darling Diva Persephone | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Darling Diva Persephone is a polish that I bought when I first started getting into indies. It is a color shifting polish that shifts from red to blue to purple.

Darling Diva Persephone sun photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

It dries matte, and very fast. I used 3 very thin coats for my photos. I adore how it looks in the sunshine – very unique!

Darling Diva Persephone shade photo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I did have some trouble with my application (as you can see on my pinky) and did have some bubbling. This could be because it is an older polish and I should have added a bit of thinner to the bottle before application.

I am so glad that I re-swatched this polish: there is definitely a reason I kept it around for so long!

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11 thoughts on “Re-Swatch Wednesday: Darling Diva Persephone

  1. This is a colour shift that always finds me torn! Don’t even get me started about bubbling manis these days! It’s so hot that even not 5 mins in the fridge helps my polishes! They do warm up faster than I paint them!

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