Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Limited Edition Duo Pack nail polishes swatches + review

Press Sample buttonHello sweetie! 😉 (Doctor Who fans out there?) I hope you are ready and rarin’ to go on this Tuesday morning! 🙂 Sally Hansen has  re-formulated their Miracle Gel top coat and to celebrate the new top coat, they are coming out with 2 new collections and 6 limited edition shades. Today I have 5 of the new Miracle Gel Limited Edition polishes. These will be available for $14.99 for a polish and a top coat duo pack.

I wanted to show these without the new top coat to show you how incredible the shine is on these polishes! All of the polishes, though, had a tendency to bubble just ever so slightly.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  Blue Hue | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Blue Hue is a really gorgeous sky blue polish. This is 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  Teal Twin | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Teal Twin is a green-blue nail polish – not my favorite color, but that’s my own personal opinion. This will stain your nails though, so if you want to follow Sally Hansen’s direction of applying without base coat, be forewarned that you’re going to have to scrub your nails. This is 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Get It Bright | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Get It Bright is one of those “yowza” polishes that I just adore! The formula was slightly patchy though. This is 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Up the Ante | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Up the Ante is a beautiful warm-toned purple. Another gorgeous polish! This is 2 coats.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  Geo-Mint-ric | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Geo-Mint-ric is one of those lovely mint-green polishes that I adore. It is slightly lighter than my photo shows though. Surprisingly, this is also a stainer! This is 2 coats.

I decided to wear-test the new top coat with Geo-Mint-ric. Sally Hansen says that the new Miracle Gel top coat will “volumize as it protects” and that the new top coat formula will “deliver 2x the volume to your manicure.” They claim that the result (when following their directions of no base coat, 2 coats of polish, and 1 coat of top coat) will be a “manicure that resembles a UV / LED cured gel polish and up to 14 days of color and shine.

While applying the top coat, I did notice a tendency to bubble and get stringy as I was applying it. Now I know top coats tend to get stringy after a few months use – but brand new? Kind of ridiculous, in my opinion.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  Geo-Mint-ric wear test | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I wear-tested Geo-Mint-ric for a full 6 days – a long time in the life of a polish-aholic! You can see that in the photo above, the nail polish is starting to develop cracks in it, as well as a few chips here and there. I had minimal tip wear on both hands, though my dominant right hand had a few more chips in it than my left hand.

I don’t think I would have received a full 14 days wear, but I am impressed that I had 6 days of wear (through minor housework, showers, pool time and computer work) without major wear or chips.

Since each of these polishes comes in a duo pack with a top coat for $14.99 and are not sold individually, my picks are for Blue Hue and Get It Bright.

Is this something you’d be interested in? Which color appeals to you the most?


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19 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Limited Edition Duo Pack nail polishes swatches + review

  1. The slight bubbling is a little troubling, but question: can you use a gel topcoat on top of regular nail polish or is it for gel polishes only?

  2. I bet that it’s stringy and thick because they are trying to get that “structured” look you get with UV gels. I’m going to buy a duo today and try it out, I saw the line-up at Walgreens yesterday but didn’t realize it was reformulated.

  3. I’ve yet to try these but I totally have a polish from them that is exactly like Teal Twin but it isn’t gel. Part of me really wants to try a polish of two from this collection, but I feel just meh about the colors. Your swatches though! You make me want them all!

  4. I love Up the Ante! I don’t find this range (using the original version of the top coat anyway) lasts me as long as they claim, but it does wear better on me than other polishes.

  5. These are all so pretty! I love the sky blue and the pink. I hate stringy top/base coats. I can’t believe it was like that right away. I have an older SH Miracle Gel top coat and I love it :/

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