Ninja Polish Nebula

Purchased by Me buttonGood morning all! Has your week been AWESOME?! Well, I’ll be honest, mine really hasn’t been but that is because I get so tired so easily anymore. Kind of frustrating when there is stuff I need to get done. LOL. Anyway, I have *such* a gorgeous polish to show off to you today: Ninja Polish Nebula.

Ninja Polish Nebula | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Ninja Polish Nebula macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Nebula is a clear base polish that “contains fine holographic and multi-chromatic glitters.”

Ninja Polish Nebula | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I decided to use Nebula on its own, with 3 coats plus top coat.

Ninja Polish Nebula sun shot | Be Happy And Buy Polish

There are so many beautiful colors that you can spot in Nebula: green, purple, red, and in the bottle, you can spot orange/yellow.


I really wanted to love this polish so much – and I do! – but it was a huge pain taking it off. LOL. I am selling this polish through my Facebook page, along with many other indie polishes.

Let me know if this is something you’d like to rock – or would the glitters put you off?


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16 thoughts on “Ninja Polish Nebula

  1. The colors were gorgeous, but I am so sure I couldn’t even deal with the removal process, as I just don’t have the patience for removing glitter polish. Ever. Lol It’s super pretty, though! How do you get such clean edges around the polish? Do you use pure acetone and a brush?

  2. Love this!! I used to really hate wearing glitter polishes because of the pain of taking it off but Idk, lately I’m finding glitters super pretty and just deal because they are too pretty not to wear hehe

  3. Wow, this polish is incredible!! It’s so pretty! I love my glitters too much to care about the removal process haha.

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