Water Decal Skittlette with Pahlish + KBShimmer

Press Sample buttonGood morning all! Maybe you saw an earlier version of this post…that had nothing written? Talk about pregnancy brain! I totally forgot to write or upload pictures. Geez! Today, I was inspired by a manicure that I saw on @margarita_onthe_rocks instagram.

KBShimmer Shore Thing, Pahlish 10:6 Born Pretty Store water slide decal | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I started off with 3 coats of Pahlish 10/6 on my index, middle, ring fingers; then created a gradient of 10/6 with KBShimmer Shore Thing.

Formula X Revolution, KBShimmer Shore Thing, Pahlish 10:6 Born Pretty Store water slide decal | Be Happy And Buy Polish

On my pinky and thumb, I used 2 coats of Sephora Formula X Revolution topped by 1 thin coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for just a little extra oomph.

Pahlish 10/6, KBShimmer Shore Thing, Born Pretty Store water slide decals | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I used water decals from Born Pretty Store [press sample] on my middle and ring fingers. On my thumb, I created just a gradient with 10/6 and Shore Thing.

There is a slight holographic shimmer in 10/6 but it’s almost impossible to see, to be honest. This was a manicure I had on for quite awhile…there was just something about the mix of colors, finishes, and patterns that I liked.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this manicure! I hope you have a better Monday than I seem to be having, 😉


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24 thoughts on “Water Decal Skittlette with Pahlish + KBShimmer

  1. Pregnancy brain is no joke. One time I was late for work and when I got there, I ran to the door (it was a small law firm so it had a front door like a house), and I tried to use my house keys to get in haha Then I realized I was at work, and the door wasn’t locked, so I walked in like nothing happened lol. This nail look is super pretty though, I love the color combo!

  2. peach and green has been my favorite color combo since I was a kid. I adore this mani and the water decals are the frosting on the cake. So pretty!!

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