Zoya Alma

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great week. 🙂 I’ve been so tired lately – yesterday I just conked out for an hour without even meaning to! I’m a grumpy napper too, so it wasn’t exactly a good thing. 😛

Zoya Alma | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I just have a quick swatch of Zoya Alma to show you today. 🙂 I picked this up on clearance awhile back, and I’m glad I did! This is 3 thin coats, plus top coat.

Zoya Alma macro | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Though I’m not usually an orange fan (exceptions like Pahlish Who Loves Orange Soda?!), there is something so pretty and sparkly about this polish! The base is pretty sheer, but those iridescent glitters more than make up for having to do an extra coat. 🙂

What’s a polish color that you don’t usually wear? Let me hear about it!


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14 thoughts on “Zoya Alma

  1. So it depends on the length of my nap but if it’s not long enough or too long I’m super grumpy! I’m not an organge or a yellow lover, but the sparkle in this makes it gorgeous!!

  2. This is so pretty! It looks great on you! I do have a question though. What is a grumpy napper? Haha I love naps! 😀

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  4. Huh…I can’t decide about this polish…it’s definitely interesting but I don’t know that I would wear it…love your swatches though!

    I’m a grumpy napper too! My cat used to sleep with me and if anyone tried to wake me up she would scream and slap them…my dog is also a grumpy napper…if I wake her up she gives me the Death Glare…if looks could kill I’d be dead 50 or 60 times over! Hah!

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