KBShimmer Urban Camo swatch + review

Hi everyone! It’s getting hot here, and I’m so glad that my husband picked us up an above-ground pool – my hot self will be so happy to soak in that cool water! How are you coping with the heat (if you have any where you are)?

KBShimmer Urban Camo | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Today is just a quick review of KBShimmer Urban Camo, “a multi-chrome that shifts from a pretty pistachio green, to a bright green, to silver, to a soft pink almost lavender color.” I wasn’t able to capture the full range of the shift in my photos, unfortunately, but you can see quite the shift in the bottle above.

KBShimmer Urban Camo natural light | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I’ve used 3 thin coats with top coat for my photos. I just wish I would’ve been able to capture more of the shift! Urban Camo is still available at KBShimmer.com for $8.75.

I’m still not completely sold on multi-chromes – but I keep buying them in the hopes I’ll change my mind. LOL! Have you found any multi-chrome polishes that you love and would recommend?


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20 thoughts on “KBShimmer Urban Camo swatch + review

  1. Your swatches of this look awesome! Maybe I need to try wearing this one on its own, because I wasn’t a huge fan of it layered over black.

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