ReSwatch Wednesday: Orly First Blush

Purchased by Me buttonGood Wednesday morning all! 🙂 Is your week going well? It’s been kind of slow going here. Yesterday I went to a doc’s appointment, except I wrote it down wrong and it was actually on Monday! So, I felt a little dumb. LOL! Ever have those moments?

Orly First Blush | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Today, I’ve reswatched Orly’s First Blush for you, this is 3 thin coats with no top coat. You might have first seen this when I swatched the Orly Blush collection (partial). It’s nice to look back and see what a difference a few years makes it my photos! 🙂 This is still as pretty as it was then, though it had a bit of settling (which you can see, mid-bottle).

Share with me (if you dare) any dumb-dumb moments you’ve had lately – I’d love to not feel alone in my derp moment!


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5 thoughts on “ReSwatch Wednesday: Orly First Blush

  1. I have a date mixup problem like your doc appointment, Jessica, only it’s about the pickup day for recycling so its an ongoing issue. We have roll-out recycling bins that are picked up every other Monday. About a month and a half ago I missed a Monday and ever since I’ve been mis-calculating the pickup and missing it. Nothing makes you feel like an idiot quite like rolling out that bin only to have to go fetch it back still full the same evening because it was an off week Monday! My bin is bursting out the top with recyclables and I missed this week’s pickup once again because I had it in my mind that it should be next week! WTH! Now I have to wait two MORE weeks. I was so mad I went and put recycling pick up days with email reminders on my calendar for the next TWO YEARS. I should have done that a long time ago. Sheesh.

    Sorry for the outburst.

    I quite enjoyed the photos in your original post, but I know what you mean. I’ve produced what I consider to be shockingly bad photos (like, make you recoil from the screen bad) for posts as recent as last year. I hope I don’t feel that way next year about this year’s photos…. Nature of the beast?

    First Blush is lovely!

    • Oh Liz, I’m so glad I’m not the only one – though I’m glad you set up reminders for yourself! I need to do that on my phone so that I don’t forget (AGAIN!!). LOL.

      Sometimes I feel embarrassed to look at old photos, then I just have to remind myself that it just goes to show that even this old person can learn new tricks! 🙂

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