Sephora Formula X Desire + Boom swatches + review

Purchased by Me buttonHey Hey friends, it’s Friday! 🙂 Did you have a good week? I feel like our family was just rushing here and there all week long and gosh darn it, I’m tired! 😛 But today I have a really lovely polish combination for you from Sephora Formula X: Desire and Boom.

Sephora Formula X Desire | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Desire is simply a gorgeous navy blue creme polish. This is two flawless coats with no top coat. Look at that lovely shine! This is why I love Formula X polishes (though I hate the price!)…flawless formula and coverage and shininess! (ooohhhh, the shiny!)

Sephora Formula X Boom over Desire | Be Happy And Buy Polish

I paired this with Boom because, well, durr, it’s a bright blue with a navy blue. Win win! I did set this upside down while applying Desire (so, maybe about 5 minutes total?) so what you see is 1 coat with just a touch of dabbing to cover up bald spots. Still though!

Boom was in a three pack that I purchased from Ross (along with Blast Off seen here) and another glitter topper I’ll show you soon. Desire was a clearance buy from Sephora inside JCP. See? I told you that I hate paying full price for these! Anyway, what’s been your latest steal of a deal polish buy? I’d love to know!


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23 thoughts on “Sephora Formula X Desire + Boom swatches + review

  1. Beautiful! Formula X line has some really gorgeous glitters! I was able to find some from the explosion collection last year at Marshall for half the price! I hate paying full price for them too lol.

  2. I got that 3 pack at Ross also. I looked at it probably 3 times when it was $9.99 but didn’t buy it. Then I went back and it was on clearance for $4.99! I won’t buy them full price so I totally scored. And until I saw this post link I thought Blast Off was a black cream because it looks that way in the bottle and I hadn’t swatched it yet. Lol. They really are great polishes.

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