KBShimmer Make My Gray swatch + review

Good morning everyone! I hope you are doing well. Last night I must have been exhausted because I was in bed and asleep before 10! o.O That almost never happens.

KBShimmer Make My Gray matte | Be Happy and Buy Polish

Today I have a quick swatch for you of KBShimmer Make My Gray. This is a really lovely light gray based polish with glitters of coral, bright blue, white, and dark gray.

KBShimmer Make My Gray macro | Be Happy and Buy Polish

I’ve used three thin coats for this polish. I just love the way the blue and the coral pop against the gray background, so instead of being a “sad” polish, it’s totally cheerful!

Make My Gray is no longer available through KBShimmer.com, but hopefully you can find it second hand. Speaking of KBShimmer, have you picked up anything from their huge summer collection yet? I haven’t – I’m still deciding which to buy first!


9 thoughts on “KBShimmer Make My Gray swatch + review

  1. ooo beautiful!! crelly’s are my favorite – and this one is fantastic! I have been eyeing up their entire summer collection… so many pretty polishes. darn no buy!

  2. I had this on order for someone to mule for me and it all fell through. I was really limited in how many I could buy and this made it onto a very short list. It’s gorgeous!

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