Roses and Stripes Nail Art with Sally Hansen

Hi and welcome to another week! Well, I guess technically the week starts on Sunday, but who’s really thinking that? LOL! Today I have a fun nail art look that I created for Mother’s Day.

Sally Hansen marbled nail art | Be Happy and Buy Polish

I started off with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Pearl Up, and while that was still tacky, applied drops of Sally Hansen Floaties and Peach Beach; then taking a wet makeup sponge, blobbed all the colors together. I really liked how my nails looked at this stage, but decided to press on with my plan.

Sally Hansen stripes and roses nail art | Be Happy and Buy Polish

Using nail vinyls (bow vinyls were a press sample from YouPolish), I applied those to my pinky and pointer fingers, and sponged Sally Hansen Save the Dave on top. I used Sally Hansen Red Snapper, I created blobs for my roses, and outlined them with a combination of Red Snapper and Save the Date. Lastly, I made leaves with Sally Hansen Perfect Pear-ing.

Even though I kind of wished I had stopped after the marbling part, I did wear this manicure for a few days because it kind of grew on me! LOL. Have you ever had a manicure like that?


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19 thoughts on “Roses and Stripes Nail Art with Sally Hansen

  1. I love that sponged base you created! And you know what? In Italy the week does start on Monday! Our calendars all have Monday as the first day, and it’s messy for me when I purchase one say from the UK and at first glance I mess up the days!

  2. So pretty! I love that bow design. 🙂 I know that feeling where you do a simple yet awesome base and have that split second of “should I just leave it like this?” But I think this turned out awesome overall.

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