Hard Candy Tangerini and Zombie (20th Anniversary nail polishes)

Good morning, you amazing readers! How is your morning going?  I’m a bit groggy this morning, please excuse any mistakes in this post. 😛

Last week I was at Walmart, poking around to see if they had any new stuff in their beauty department, when I spied the 20th Anniversary display from Hard Candy. Of course, the polishes were all nearly wiped out, there were about 4 different ones, but I picked up just two: Tangerini and Zombie.

Hard Candy Tangerini | Be Happy and Buy Polish

Hard Candy Tangerini is pretty much what the name implies: a bright tangerine color with pink undertones. I cannot get over how much I like this color! This is 2 coats, formula was a bit uneven.

Hard Candy Zombie | Be Happy and Buy Polish

Hard Candy Zombie is a bruise-purple color with golden purple shimmer. I thought I would like this one more, but I was feeling kind of deflated after I applied it. It is a One-Coat Wonder, though!

I have kind of a side-rant if I may: I am getting a little tired of Walmart exclusive polishes (or Target, or whatever store). I see great swatches of the Hard Candy 20th Anniversary collection, or Salon Perfect collections, or Pure Ice collections (all Walmart exclusives) and then it is next to impossible to ever find those collections! Either they aren’t even displayed in the beauty section (I was reading the other day that someone found the Hard Candy collection by hardware!) or the displays get so messed up that you  can’t tell what’s what.

I know, first world problems and all that, but dammit, us polish-aholics need our fix! Anyway, tell me how you feel about “exclusive” polishes – at Walmart or otherwise – in the comments below.


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22 thoughts on “Hard Candy Tangerini and Zombie (20th Anniversary nail polishes)

  1. I agree with your side-rant 100%. I can never find store exclusive collections… especially the ones at Wal-Mart. I think the polishes at my local Wal-Mart are the same ones that they got when they opened!!

  2. I agree 100% with your rant, I have just quit looking for any new Pure Ices or Salon Perfect polishes any more. I don’t know if my stores just don’t get them, they sell out too quickly, or if they are simply in such disarray that I never can find them and it’s soo frustrating to get your heart set on a mainstream polish and then not to ever find it. I thought it was just our stores that were like that.
    I am smitten with Zombie though. I could just stare at that one. It’s sooo pretty.

  3. These are both really pretty but I do NOT like limited edition things; especially at Walmart where either my store never gets it or the display is wrecked. It’s usually not worth it to me and I usually end up skipping them.

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