Hydration #JanuaryBeauty

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday so far. 🙂 Today’s #JanuaryBeauty prompt is hydration, and I have to confess something…here is my hydration of choice:

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum | Be Happy And Buy Polish

Oh my gosh, I am so kidding! 😛 Though I am partial to a rum & coke, I really do love to drink water. I’m not a type of person who needs their water to be flavored or anything, just give me ice cold water and I am a happy girl.

I'm a Huge Metal Fan water bottle | Be Happy And Buy Polish

This is my water bottle that I use most often. On one side a metal fan says “I’m a huge metal fan” and on the other side a guy says “Me too!”

I'm a Huge Metal Fan water bottle | Be Happy And Buy Polish

As you can see, this water bottle gets used a lot. It’s been beat up and dented so many times, but I just can’t find another like it enough to buy a new one.

What do you do to ensure you’re drinking enough water? Any tips to share with me?


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13 thoughts on “Hydration #JanuaryBeauty

  1. I really need to start drinking plain water. Just water. I tend to prefer mine with ground coffee beans, tea leaves, or caffeine in other forms. I don’t like plain water but I do know that I simply need to get used to it and I would. I am going to try those cucumber waters I’ve seen on Pinterest or a lemon water to get started and stay away from the teas, coffees and powdered mixes I’m addicted to.

    • I really prefer coffee in the mornings, but by afternoon, I’m chugging the water – especially at night, which leads to getting up a lot for bathroom trips while I’m asleep! LOL!

  2. This post has me cracking up right now haha. I love this! I have to admit that I know I don’t drink enough water. I much prefer my coffee and drinks like your first photo haha! I can’t say I’m a rum fan though I definitely prefer whiskey or hard ciders.

  3. I love ice water…but apparently excessive cold is bad for the joints so everyone says to opt for room-temperature water (which in my opinion just tastes weird!)…

    I like drinking hot green tea as well just to mix it up during the day so I don’t get “bored” but I always make sure I have a full glass of water I can sip throughout the day. Unfortunately, this means I don’t have a clear idea of how much water I’m actually drinking!

    I LOVE that water bottle. It makes me super happy 🙂

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